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  1. greasytshirt

    I've been absent lately.

    The shop where I work caught on fire in November. A lousy Ford E-350 shuttle bus decided to spontaneously ignite in the middle of the night. The insurance people said that those things burst into flames all the time. How reassuring. Life is just now starting to return to normal.
  2. greasytshirt

    2011-2014 Hino burner maintenance

    Every 150,000 miles, this warning will come up on the dash. This means it's time to do some maintenance. The parts replacement part of this can be accomplished by someone equipped with hand tools, a 27mm 12 pt socket, and a filter wrench. First, remove the right fender and expose the burner...
  3. greasytshirt

    Someone tried to weld an air compressor to the engine block.

    I have no explanation for why. I did laugh my ass off, though. Sent from my XT1585 using EO Forums mobile app
  4. greasytshirt

    Fixing the rare broken mantle

    On all of the 2011-2014 conventional Hinos, DPF heating is done with a burner system. This system has a few...eccentricities. One of the rarer things that happens is burner mantle breakage. Maybe 1-2 out of a hundred trucks with burner issues will have a broken mantle. I've personally...
  5. greasytshirt

    Allow me to introduce another great mechanic, Hino123.

    If you've been in this forum at all, you'll have noticed Hino123 responding to posts. We've spoken, and I'm excited to let you all know that this guy knows as least as much about Hinos as I do (probably more), and he's got a ton of experience working on them. Like myself, he likes the trucks...
  6. greasytshirt

    Hino hood bandaid

    Coalminer, this one's for you! Spongebox sent a truck my way. Floppy hood syndrome. It was bad. For those that don't know, the hoods of 05-10 Hinos with 6 cylinder engines have hoods that are fragile. They break around the hinges, sometimes very badly. When it's bad, the hood latches are...
  7. greasytshirt

    Big Truck I work on Hino trucks. I'll answer any questions I know the answers to.

    Hi all. I've been working on Hino trucks almost exclusively for the last few years, and I'm pretty familiar with their ins and outs at this point. If anyone has a question, I'll be happy to answer it, if I know the answer.