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  1. greasytshirt

    Runaway RPM

    Pull up the floor mat on the passesenger floor and see if the insulation is wet. If it is, the windshield seal is leaking. I often find them leaking from the upper right corner.
  2. greasytshirt

    Axle locker for 2005 hino 165 diesel?

    Here's your axle. I have no idea if anyone makes a locker for it.
  3. greasytshirt

    2013 Hino 195 P20B2

    So for both cabovers and conventional trucks, when the def tank temp comes up, the coolant shutoff valve closes. If the temp continues to rise it's interpreted as the valve is stuck open. While this does happen occasionally, the def tank sending unit is usually the culprit. There's currently a...
  4. greasytshirt

    2007 JO8E-tv . Reprogramming?

    At times like this you must divorce the supply side of the fuel system from the high pressure side. After making sure nothing is blocking the pump inlet, plumb in an auxiliary fuel source. I use a boat gas tank. Then go for a test drive. Wide open throttle for as long as you can, with a computer...
  5. greasytshirt

    Hino 268 No Brake Lights

    Good eye. Many of these relays are common to Toyotas so you can probably get them at Napa. I think the denso part numbers will cross.
  6. greasytshirt

    2006 hino 268 fuel not equalizing passenger tank running empty!

    It sounds like maybe there's something clogging the left tank if it's not pulling fuel from it. Does your 2006 still have its original steel tanks? Those like to rust inside and rusty chunks get caught up in the elbows on the tops of the tank and sometimes the tank pickup tubes. I'd have a good...
  7. greasytshirt

    Hino 268 No Brake Lights

    The valve mounted switch you're after has a black and a white/black wire. It grounds the control side of the stop lamp relay. Inspect the connector and several inches of its wire for corrosion and cracked insulation. I've seen both. The stop/turn controller ultimately turns on the brake lights...
  8. greasytshirt

    2007 JO8E-tv . Reprogramming?

    I sent you an email with a link.
  9. greasytshirt

    2007 JO8E-tv . Reprogramming?

    These fuel systems are similar to the Duramax. This era of Hino is prone to getting debris stuck in the fuel supply system. The right angle fittings in the tank, rust chunks at the bottom of the tank, and the banjo fitting in the fuel filter are all common places for debris to clog. This can be...
  10. greasytshirt

    Runaway RPM

    There's also a connector in the junction box that has all the accelerator wires going through it. I've seen that cause unintended acceleration.
  11. greasytshirt

    2012 HINO 268 P073D

    Moisture and corrosion forms on the CAN lines in the junction box if water gets in there. If the CAN is good, it most likely needs a TCM. I've also seen Samsara elds cause communication errors and weird shifting.
  12. greasytshirt

    1998 HINO SG3320 Flickering Battery light when driving with emergency lights

    This sounds a lot like a bad ground. Idk where the grounds are on that, but on many of these Japanese trucks many of the cab and light grounds are at the very front of the left frame rail.
  13. greasytshirt

    Hino 268 crank no start

    I've never seen a bad Hino ECU. It's possible, but more likely it's something else. I'm not super familiar with UD wiring, but many of these Japanese trucks feature a box full of connectors that fill with water. Id look at those areas first.
  14. greasytshirt

    2008 UD 2600 J08 Iddle issue

    I'd make sure that the exhaust brake is in the open position.
  15. greasytshirt

    2009 UD2300 with the J08E engine. Loss of power

    If the injector leak pipe is leaking, it'll fill the crankcase with fuel and then the engine runs away and explodes. That's the common failure mode with the return line. If you still aren't getting flow through the dampers, I would try removing the damper's guts and reinstall. The later trucks...
  16. greasytshirt

    Hino 268 2010 fault code P1426

    Use pliers to get the clamps off, then twist the hose to break it free. Be careful no to break the tubes coming out of the sensor. Take that piece to an auto parts store and ask them to match the inside diameter with reinforced hose.
  17. greasytshirt

    Hino 268 2010 fault code P1426

    Replace that broken hose with a piece of fuel hose that fits snug. That's an important sensor when it comes to doing regens.
  18. greasytshirt

    2007 JO8E-tv . Reprogramming?

    Injector coding isn't going to affect fuel pressure. It's more like fine tuning. You have a different issue. Fuel starvation or leaks in the high pressure side of the fuel system. You should still get them reprogrammed
  19. greasytshirt

    Replaced fuel filter, truck won't start

    Did you get this resolved?
  20. greasytshirt

    2014 hino 258alp

    There's so much that goes into a real alignment. Do you have some invoices showing what was adjusted? Straightening the wheel is just a matter of taking the wheel off and turning it straight, but if it drifted off-kilter over time then surely some part is wearing out. Do you have air flow...