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  1. greasytshirt

    It was smoking a little bit.

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    Driveshaft phasing: no one knows what it is.

    Including the people tasked to reinstall them. The two pieces of yellow tape are on the u-joints, and are supposed to line up. They're almost 90 degrees off, so the piece of tape on the right of the pic is nearly impossible to see. So, what's the big deal? U-joints let things run at...
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    Worst beach ever

    Nothing like doing kingpins in the yard. Sent from my XT1585 using EO Forums mobile app
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    Here's a pdf from Cummins about fuel economy.
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    Today I climbed into the cab...

    ...of a wrecked dump truck and kicked out the windshield so the driver could escape. I feel really good today.
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    I diagnosed one wrong, and I don't even feel bad about it.

    2004-ish Isuzu FRR. Early common rail. Truck would run fine, then drop three cylinders. Code 0158, short to B+ on something something injector something. Instant limp mode, cut three cylinders off. Those three were on a common B+ leg. There was power at both branches of that leg, the grounds for...
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    Another driveway liftgate install job

    The local appliance delivery guys have figured out where I live.
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    Rebuilding a big Cummins

    Not my work, credit goes to /u/HAHA_goats courtesy of Complete photo essay: Dang engine
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    How to rebuild a Roadranger in 32 easy steps

    Not my work, rather /u/HAHA_goats from Complete photo essay: Build a roadranger in 32 easy steps
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    Preventing fuel problems in cold weather

    I've been asked my opinion on what to do when running in bitter cold, and how to avoid fuel gelling. With today's ultra precise (and expensive) injectors, I'm leaning against running additives unless certain precautions have been taken. Most anti-gelling additives also have ingredient designed...
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    An air filter made of wire fencing, screen, and a t-shirt. The t-shirt is missing, but the rest is on display.
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    Who does their own maintenance, and how in depth do you go with it?

    As a mechanic that doesn't drive trucks unless he absolutely has to, I sometimes wonder why some trucks show up at my shop needing repairs that are really pretty simple. Granted, what I consider simple might be completely skewed, but still. I'm mostly referring to class 6 and up vehicles, but...
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    How much is thing worth?

    I just work on trucks. I don't drive them, buy them, or sell them. There's an International 4100 in my driveway right now. 25' box, liftgate, roll up door. Allison, T444E, and we're just gonna use 350k for mileage since no one actually knows. Assuming no glaring mechanical faults, a good...
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    Shave and a haircut, ten grand

    Shave and a haircut, ten grand. - Imgur Apparently the driver was fired,not for this, but for losing CDL and not telling employer.
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    So a horror story just rolled into the shop...

    Here's a brand new truck that rolled in. 250 miles. The body had just been "installed" by a "body company". My job was to get the lights working. But this crack was the first thing I saw. They had put the body on the chassis, then decided to weld on the...
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    I despise the CAT C7.

    A buddy of mine has an '04 Freightliner M2 with a CAT C7. Approx 350k miles. He was finished for the day and was cruising home unloaded when poof, it's blowing light colored smoke and it's down on power and misfiring. He limped it back home. We started dicking around with injectors. Replaced...
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    Sprinter butchery.

    Here's an Imgur photo album I put together for another forum, showing an adventure in broken glow plug removal. Warning, it's graphic. One Sprinter got injured, but it's on the mend. It worked well, by the way. Quit while you're behind. - Imgur
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    I saw this at work today. I think the engine survived, but half of the engine oil disappeared. I'm surprised the engine didn't run away.
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    I had an interesting run-in with a Sprinter today.

    I have a three photo album to accompany this story, with one caveat: It was written for mechanics in a forum I frequent (and moderate). And there are some bad words. I'll post a link below. Basically, an '06 Sprinter shows up last week with shifting problems. No check engine light. I...