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  1. greasytshirt

    How do I keep people from leaving messages on my profile?

    Clearly people want to communicate with me but my profile is not an appropriate place.
  2. greasytshirt

    When I am typing, the cursor jumps around and creates word salad.

    I will be typing out a novella about Hinos, and the cursor will move, without prompting, a few sentences away and my words will dump there instead. It is super annoying. This is the only website I visit where this happens, at least that I've noticed. I'm not ruling out a problem on my end. It...
  3. greasytshirt

    Advertising on EO

    I've noticed an ad for Sprinter service coming up lately (while using the mobile app). What kind of numbers are we talking when running this sort of advertising? I mean, we are totally slammed at our shop the way it is already, but that's a good problem.
  4. greasytshirt

    Why is s-e-x in the swear filter?

    I've seen a lot of things get trapped by swear filters, but sex has never been one of them. This seems like a rather arbitrary decision.