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  1. BillChaffey

    Cargo Van FSC

    Thank you.:)
  2. BillChaffey

    Cargo Van FSC

    I have been off the road for awhile, plus I'm dense as petrified wood. Chessmen say's FSC $1.15 8\20\19. How does this relate to a Transit type cargo van per mile?
  3. BillChaffey

    5 Sprinter Vans - 2018 Financial Results are In

    6' coffin sleeper. Better be a team who really like each other.
  4. BillChaffey

    Best thing to coat wood van floor with?

    If you want to treat your floor, there used to be a product used for Bowling alley Lanes called "Fabalon" (sp). When I worked for a custom home builder he used it on hard wood floors.
  5. BillChaffey

    How many miles do the Ford Transit Engines last?

    I have a little over 400,000 on F 250 super duty 7.3. Have run Mobil 1 since 100,000 miles. change the filter & add 2 quarts at 5000 miles then filter & full oil change next 5000 miles, along with fuel filter and air filter. So far nothing (knock on wood) has been done to engine.
  6. BillChaffey

    How many miles do the Ford Transit Engines last?

    How long a engine will last probably has a lot to do with how well it's taken care of.
  7. BillChaffey

    Do you have a pet that rolls with you?

    For myself I cannot see how anyone after having a dog(s) then losing one or more could not get another. My parents got\had a dog when I was born, never been more then a few months with out at least one.
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    Cargo Van Espar heater

    My E 350 van had just over 300,00 when I sold it, my F 250 which I still have is just over 400,000 always used Howes.
  9. BillChaffey

    //// Rough stats for our first 42 Days OTR (through 9-25-18) ///

    IF you lease a truck for say a year, why not install espar & build a bunk with partition in the van body. As long as you can open the overhead door from the inside.
  10. BillChaffey

    Tire recall

    it's a valve cap for when tire rims & spokes were wooden.;)
  11. BillChaffey

    Tire recall

    This has nothing to do with the Recall. Wondering how many know what the object is. The stamping say's MICHELIN Milltown, NJ USA. I do know.
  12. BillChaffey

    Hotshot Flatbed Equipment

    If your still looking for tarps "Weather Toppers, Inc" 760 344 4556 see their add in Land Line magazine.
  13. BillChaffey

    /// / No thermostst for a year....How bad is that on engine ? ////

    I believe there's more then #1 company out there that will do an oil analysis. Call or E mail they send you a small container, send it back with $10.00 or so and they send you the results.
  14. BillChaffey

    Do You Think You’ve Benefited From The ELD Mandate ?

    4 PM on the 10th to 4 PM on the 11th is 24 hours to 6 AM on the 12th seems to me to be 38 hours.
  15. BillChaffey

    Do You Think You’ve Benefited From The ELD Mandate ?

    3\10\18 4 AM to 3\12\18 6 PM appears to be 38 hours 1632 miles is just under 43 MPH
  16. BillChaffey

    Hows cargo van freight

    My opinion only, interview any perspective owners as much as they interview you.
  17. BillChaffey

    Hows cargo van freight

    Local, couldn't most of your questions be better answered by the companies you might want to work with?
  18. BillChaffey

    Do you trust your GPS?

    When I first had my Garmin I ended up next to a corn field, instead of the drop off.
  19. BillChaffey

    Putting down insulation before plywood floor of van?

    as far as screw length goes any hardware store or lumber yard will have any length you need.
  20. BillChaffey

    Can i screw into the floor of promaster in the front floor?

    I have no idea if it's still done. On older Fords you can turn off the passenger air bag..Also under the seat the wiring €has a plug.