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    Texas based carrier recommendations?

    I have been in Expedite trucking and O/O in Texas for 8 years. I have never found a Tx or Central Tx carrier. If you find one please post it. I'm leased to a company just out of Nashville and they have been running me in Texas just fine for about 6 years.
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    Cube Truck

    What company will sign on a 1999 model 12 foot cube truck? It needs to run over the road, not locally. It can legally haul around 3,000 lbs and six skids. The truck is in excellent condition. It looks good and runs great. The truck currently has a team in it. I realize that most of the big...
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    Mexican Trucks not needed on U.S. Roads

    Hi x06col, It has been a while since I posted. How are you? I wonder if you have been down to border lately? (Laredo, Eagle Pass, Los Indios, El Paso or Nogales) I have a real problem with the trucks coming across right now. Many of them are bailing wired together. The tires are wore out and...
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    Anyo have feedback on C& M Transport?

    I had two of my trucks on with C&M for awhile. They are a great company. If you sign on with them you best be ready to work cause they will run your wheels off. I have since moved both trucks but not because of anything C&M did. In both cases it was issues with the drivers. One had a serious...
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    New ULSD Economy

    I'm up to three trucks now in my little fleet and I like what I see with the new fuel. The two old FL70's run much smoother with the ULSD and I'm actually seeing a slight increase in MPG. I'm still using the same additives as I did with the old stuff but less of it. My newest truck 06 M2 with...
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    3126 Cat Valve Adjustment

    Thanks for the replies. The problem I was trying to resolve was the injector wiring which I paid CAT in Nashville $600 to fix, it lasted exactally 1000 miles then the wire came off again. The truck was in Texas when it went out the second time so, CAT dealer in Texas wanted another $600. I just...
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    3126 Cat Valve Adjustment

    Does anyone know the procedure and specifications for adjusting the valves on the 3126 Cat engine. If so, would you please advise me how to do it? Kathy
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    I'm Still Here

    The FL70 is doing fine other than a few repairs along the way. My Sprinter is doing even better with no repairs so far:-)
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    I'm Still Here

    I know I have not written or posted any messages lately. I'm just so busy, I have just enough time to read. I have not gone away I'm just in the background. Kathy
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    Cummins 8.3 C series

    I did not get mine rebuilt yet but I did get quotes here in Dallas. To in-frame it was 11,300 to install a rebuilt was 12,200. Kathy
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    lrjet, Do you have your own truck?
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    Front-Mount Carrier

    Does it get in the way of freight? What kind do you have? Where in the cargo area do you keep it? Does the gas smell as you travel down the road? Mine is just wide enough to get in the way.
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    Front-Mount Carrier

    I have finished my front-mount carrier on my Sprinter. What I had in mind is to carry a small generator and supplies on it. It protrudes 31 inches from the front of the van. Does anyone think I will get a ticket or have a problem with it? KL
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    Sprinter Idle Speed

    Thanks I will try 1100 rpms. Kathy
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    Sprinter Idle Speed

    Hi All, I think this question was posted before but I can't find it. What is the recommended idle speed for a Sprinter if it is going to idle for 8 hours. Thanks, Kathy
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    How can I make Windows Explorer's print larger?

    RE: How can I make Windows Explorer's print larger It does get blurry that's why you have to try different setting. Bill Gates (Microsoft) has fixed very little along these lines. I'm not a Microsoft fan can you tell:-) Kathy
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    How can I make Windows Explorer's print larger?

    RE: How can I make Windows Explorer's print larger Here's something you can try if the text size is not large enough. Out on your desktop, place the cusor on an empty spot and right click on the mouse or pad. When the menu appears scroll down and select the properties option. On the next...
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    FL70 Question

    Thanks for the help. I feel better about filling it up now. Kathy
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    FL70 Question

    When I open the passenger side door on my FL70 there's a white plastic tank with a black screw-on lid. It looks like it is setting on the fuel tank but I guess it is bolted to the truck. Can anyone tell me what liquid should be put in it? It looks like it has water in it right now. I think it is...
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    idle stick?

    Draco, You said, "I did some checking and since I have a boxer that rides w/ me I can idle my Sprinter with no problems. Strange that pets have more rights then people in that retrospect." Where did you find that information? Maybe I will get a pet to travel with me. Kathy