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  1. Ftransit

    March 2017 this and that.

    RIP Bill Paxton
  2. Ftransit

    Jan..2017 locations & more

    Thank you! Yes "normal" will be welcomed. Got T-ball games to attend :-)! EO is a bit addictive...trying to read only on e a day, lol. Thanks to ALL for advice and encouragement! Enjoy the road! God Bless!
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    Jan..2017 locations & more

    OUCH! Ours went up too only $300 (SC), but we are getting out of the biz. My husband stumbled into his dream job! This one includes the advantage of not being in the van 24/7 10-14 days with me, Lol! Good Luck to you!
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    Transit driveshaft issue.

    Bummer, we just took our Transit to our locals again for the awesome transmission flush, $77 wow what's up 4time this was done at this location half the price I'm wondering what's up? So I go back and ask they only drained 6 qts not the 16qts...oh yeah they can't flush the transit either because...
  5. New Braunfels TX

    New Braunfels TX

  6. Snake River,  Twin Falls ID

    Snake River, Twin Falls ID

  7. WY


  8. @68mph


  9. Antique Archiology

    Antique Archiology

  10. Neal Smith National Wildlfe Refuge

    Neal Smith National Wildlfe Refuge

  11. Ftransit

    Birthday! Happy Birthday Xiggy

  12. Ftransit

    Jan..2017 locations & more

    Now... How long to air out the van???
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    Birthday! Happy Birthday, Hummer53 !!!

    :t9307:Happy Birthday
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    V3 Transportation

    Sitting depends on how safe we feel and sometimes physical comfort. After we sat for 12 days in 106degree temps in OKC we call it sooner now, lol.
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    Birthday! Happy Birthday, fastman_1 !!!

    Happy Birthday!
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    Blue Jeans/Oxford White ChicB4Egg?

    Yeah, THAT has ZERO creep factor!
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    Birthday! Happy Birthday, hazmat !!!

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    Jan..2017 locations & more

    Happy New Year!
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    Thanks Turtle!

    :t8009: Many thanks to you Mr. Turtle. The EO site is very festive! Merry Christmas! :th_smiley-snowbll: :th_snowball_smiley:
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    Funny gps screen shots

    Detour by Ftransit posted Oct 21, 2015 at 7:41 AM