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    New to expediting

    Do you have a trucking company or an expedite company w cargo vans and box trucks?
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    New to expediting

    I can get you connected with a smaller company that pays well. They are looking to fill two vans if you're looking to drive a company cargo van. They also pay pretty well, so let me know!
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    Anyone Heard Of This Company?

    Thanks for the responses guys. If anyone knows anything else that would be useful,please let me know!
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    Anyone Heard Of This Company?

    Hey all, I do some consulting work in the industry for starters & one of my clients came across a carrier by the name of Soko Express. Has anyone worked for them, or done business with them? They seem to be offering pretty good rates when talking to their recruiter, but I just wanted to know...
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    2021 General Expediter Chat

    Hey guys, if anyone needs a load board to get cargo,sprinter or straight truck freight. Please DM and i will point you to a new expedite load board. I won't post it here because I don't want to advertise on this forum and things like that, but message me if you're an owner operator that just...
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    Cargo Van So here I am after 28 year Starting a New Adventure.

    Goodluck! Let me know if you need any help finding expedited loads!
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    Questions regarding Straight Truck business

    Hey man, I am pretty well versed in the expedite game. I built multiple multi million dollar expediting companies over the last 6-7 years. The industry standard is 1 million in BIPD and 100K in cargo. Most sprinter loads then to be a few thousand bucks to about 10K in value, but just about...
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    2005 Chevy Astro Astro VAN AWD

    Those chevys waste so much gas, which seems to be their biggest downfall. If you are just using it to go camping then I guess it will work, but sprinters are just the way to go when it comes to efficiency. You can then also always run some loads with it too! haha:D
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    Sprinter loads

    Are you working for anyone yet? If not, I could point you to a couple smaller companies or give you a list of some bigger companies, but I doubt any of them pay over a dollar per mile. The smaller companies that I know tend to average out over a dollar per mile with some longer hauls being...
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    i want to buy MC & Dot numbers

    Whats the point of buying an MC number when a lot of companies will start working with you fairly quickly. Companies like NTG, Arc Best ( Panther) and some other big companies will work with you within 3 months of being active, not to mention that there is plenty that will work with you as soon...
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    Van hotshot load prices drop.

    You'll make way more money with a good (smaller) carrier. They tend to be more lenient when it comes to how many hours you've driven and if you're a good driver, they tend to reward you with great loads. I have been in the business for many years and the rates you're mentioning seem to be...
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    Van hotshot load prices drop.

    It could be the companies that you are running for and this time of year tends to be slower. You should start to see things pick back up in the middle of March till the end of the year. January and February were the slowest for smaller companies and owner operators. You should be getting at...
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    Looking to get on sylectus / dispatcher

    Truckstop is really tough for expedited freight, or any smaller freight really. The beauty of finding work on Truckstop is that when you do find a broker that is on truckstop, you will tend to have a customer for a long time because they are probably having trouble finding someone to move their...