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    Thinking about Expedited - got Questions!

    do alot of research look at frieght moving call brokers see what frieght is out there expediters are a different breed, they don,t like people coming in to the bussiness,its a cut throat you will see alot of discouraging threads here. in my opinion a driver is the last person to ask...
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    Attn, recruiters for ALL companies!

    hi people! real quick!!!! I am 46 drive tractor trailer,haul jit foe averrit .auto parts mostly for nissan,live near nashville,honest hardworking,dependable,love the open road,my son is 21,has taken his class a and dot,we are really interested in getting into the expedited industry,been reading...
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    looking @ expediting

    hey everybody,new to here,im a 46 year old truck driver been reserching (2 months now)going into expediting with my son of 21,been looking @ getting my own authority,seems i can,t qualify with anyone ,since i have felony,s due to a single car accident i had in 1994,just can,t seem to find anyone...