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  1. xmudman

    Cancel Culture

    All whites are crackers? I get tired of that line of thinking. Anytime someone says all x’s are this, all y’s are that, they get shot down quickly. In my opinion, all w’s deserve the same benefit of the doubt. By the way, those cops needed to be fired. Sent from my iPhone using EO Forums
  2. xmudman

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

    She is young and at least moderately pretty, and like most young people is firm in her beliefs. That’s why she’s a media sensation. She is also incredibly naive; she knows very little about how life actually works outside of NYC. She views socialism as a guarantee of fairness; she doesn’t know...
  3. xmudman

    Big League Chew Chick

    I don’t see a problem with this. Girls in Little League, etc have been around for years. Bubble gum, by its nature, is usually marketed to children and teens, who are also the player pool for Little League baseball. Will a woman ever qualify for the Majors? I don’t know, and I don’t wish to...
  4. xmudman

    Thailand Soccer Team

    0930 eastern: Eight now out[emoji846][emoji120] Sent from my iPhone using EO Forums
  5. xmudman

    Stand or Kneel?

    Stand!! Sent from my iPhone using EO Forums
  6. xmudman

    Gen. Kelly's compromise.

    Problem is, Kim is nucking futs.
  7. xmudman

    The Trump Card...

    Or rent a box truck like they do in Europe. I dare say a 26 footer could create a lot of carnage, and you don't even need a CDL or med card to rent it.[emoji20]
  8. xmudman

    The Trump Card...

    Same here.
  9. xmudman

    The Trump Card...

    I'm trying to imagine what would happen if folks tried to stay illegally in Canada, or some other countries, the way people do here. I kinda picture Dudley Do Right being a lot more firm in real life than he was in the cartoon[emoji53]
  10. xmudman

    The Trump Card...

    That explains why Cairo, IL is a ghost town. I'd never been there before, until a couple weeks ago when my GPS decided to show me the two lanes of the Midwest. I was shocked; I didn't expect to find a second Camden, NJ at the bottom of Illinois [emoji20]
  11. xmudman

    The Trump Card...

    Was it a public school, or a Catholic school? Don't religious schools have a right to display statues, etc according to their conscience?
  12. xmudman

    The Trump Card...

    As for me, I strongly prefer governors over senators as presidents. Governors have chief executive experience that senators don't.
  13. xmudman

    The Trump Card...

    Rags, that's an off the cuff comment made during a campaign (one of the debates, iirc). That was not a request from a government official to another government.
  14. xmudman

    The Trump Card...

    Remember ye olden days when CNN was neutral? Been a while, ain't?
  15. xmudman

    Health Insurance and Expediters

    In December 2015, I went onto the Obamacare marketplace to choose a plan for 2016. It put us on Medicaid, and here we are. I don't like to talk about it, but I'm not ashamed. We paid into the system for 30+ years, and if things improve and we go off it again, we'll find a way to deal with it...
  16. xmudman

    The Trump Card...

    From Americans to Americans Best damn thing I've read all day....
  17. xmudman

    The Trump Card...

    I hope not as well. As for Comey, his next job will be choosing from a myriad of juicy offers; everyone from Harper Collins to Hustler will be clamoring to do a book deal. That, speaking engagements and possibly a professorship somewhere? Yup, he'll land on his feet [emoji5] Meanwhile, if...
  18. xmudman

    The Trump Card...

    Basically, he became dead wood; that's why he got fired. I agree, it's time to bring the FBI back to neutrality; that's the only way a police force can properly operate.
  19. xmudman

    The Trump Card...

    Ad hominem is the only weapon liberals seem to have in their arsenal [emoji19]
  20. xmudman

    Vetting is a stupiding word

    There's a bit of a difference between Halakhic law and Sharia; the worst that can happen under Halakha is being stripped of Orthodox identity and mourned as dead while you're still alive. Under Sharia, the last thing you hear is the schwing of a sword [emoji15]