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  1. xmudman

    Chinese diesel heaters

    Does everyone who buys these things end up having to fiddle around with them, or are they more likely to be plug and play? Sent from my iPhone using EO Forums
  2. xmudman

    And 2020

    Happy New Year [emoji312] Sent from my iPhone using EO Forums
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    See You in September

    Starting out the month in Jackson, GA. Brought an emergency load to the Home Depot distribution center in McDonough; they will ship it on to Florida. Waiting to see where next; we got a little extra $ in case we need to beat feet somewhere. Also keeping a close eye on Dorian; it’s now a Cat 5...
  4. xmudman

    PA Road closures

    Numerous closures in central Pennsylvania due to flooding- see Also, what’s a summer Saturday night without a planned turnpike closure? This weekend it’s closed between New Stanton (x75) and Breezewood (161), between 2300 and 0600. Old bridges being removed. DON’T USE 30 in a truck...
  5. xmudman

    DOT ‘Bama/Georgia Drivers Beware

    FMCSA PUBLIC NOTICE: Dr. Kenneth Edwards, Doctor of Chiropractic, Phenix City, Alabama If you got your med card from this guy, your state will demand a redo by a legitimate doc. Saw this while browsing [emoji53] Sent from my iPhone using EO Forums
  6. xmudman

    Is this the end of the road?

    It may be for us. This industry has a way of culling the weak, and it may have caught up to us. I covet your prayers. Sent from my iPhone using EO Forums
  7. xmudman

    Get your wallet out

    Another new year, another toll increase on the PA Turnpike. These increases happen every year, and are scheduled to last until the 2040s. For years, the car toll between Valley Forge (326) and Pittsburgh (57) was $5 for cash (no EZPass existed). As of today, the cash toll is $37.00 [emoji33]...
  8. xmudman

    Cargo Van Time for a high top

    Ye Olde flattop, while still running well, is starting to get a little tired. So now, I wonder: minicube, Transit or Sprinter? If Sprinter, what advice on how to keep it healthy? Whichever, new or used? What say you, owners of each kind of van?
  9. xmudman

    Cargo Van Controversial idea?

    As we know, a certain group of expediters have a reputation for running cheap, and the thought occurs to me: do the individual drivers realize how poorly they're being paid? And is there anything they can do about it? Or are they being kept silent by their bosses? Something to think about, maybe?
  10. xmudman

    Mercedes Benz recall

    Mercedes-Benz parent Daimler issues huge recall as diesel emissions questions linger Mercedes-Benz parent Daimler issues huge recall as diesel emissions questions linger Per the article, this is just in Europe, for right now. Bears following, tho, if you're a Sprinter owner or fan [emoji41]
  11. xmudman

    Summertime! Yup, it's July

    I always wanted to start the monthly thread, and I think I just got the chance [emoji16] Chillin' as best I can, TA Green Castle PA
  12. xmudman

    MAJOR TROUBLE on PA Turnpike

    The Delaware River Bridge is closed until further notice. This is the bridge that connects the PA and NJ Turnpikes at MP 359. Suggested alternate routes include I-78, other nearby bridges, and for locals the Burlington Bristol Bridge. There's a structural crack in the steel on the Jersey side...
  13. xmudman

    Cargo Van When to replace your van

    This week's Bambi problem could have forced me to replace my current low top van, but it is to be fixed. That said, when should a smart vanner replace his/her van? I know I'm missing out on some freight by not being Sprinter height, but how much? The current van is in pretty good shape...
  14. xmudman


    Five states, including my own Pennsylvania, are noncompliant with the Real ID standards for drivers' licenses. For us, that means you won't be able to gain admission to Federal facilities and/or nuclear power plants starting 30 January 2017. More info: Current Status of States/Territories |...
  15. xmudman

    Cargo Van I got kicked out of a Flying J

    ... for sitting too long. Apparently someone complained about the man taking a nap in his vehicle with his (shod) feet sticking out the side door. This is after I spent close to $50 over two days at the restaurant AND bought $45 worth of gas. The kid that confronted me asked me if I was...
  16. xmudman

    Cargo Van Should I even worry about not being Sprinter-high?

    Been mulling over the idea of replacing my flattop with a taller vehicle. Also looking into a professional roof cap install, which would give me 12-18" more door height. Lord help me, I've even thought of having the roof cut, braced and modified to accept a pickup cap! :eek: (Although my pimp...
  17. xmudman

    Cargo Van Upfit to Van

    The only time I've ever bought a new vehicle, it was a small car and I drove it off the lot. So as someone who is a complete virgin to even the idea of buying a new truck, I have a question: Is it possible to finance an Espar heater as part of the initial purchase? I know that money is...
  18. xmudman

    KLM Express out of Gainesville, GA

    Looking for information on them...
  19. xmudman

    Sad news from Philly The Philadelphia Fire Department has suffered its first line-of-duty-death of a female member. I did not know her, but I have friends on the PFD. Rest in peace, Joyce.
  20. xmudman

    America's Mailbox, Box Elder SD

    Has anyone here used this service? Seeing as how I will soon be unhoused, I might need to use such a service.