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  1. ATeam

    Putin in Trouble

    Major setbacks to the Russian invasion of Ukraine have been reported as the Ukraine army takes back massive swaths of Ukrainian territory and Russian casualties mount. Sporadic reports are coming in from Russia of open opposition to Putin's war. It also appears that Trump buddy Putin has lost...
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    Forward Party

    News broke today about the formation of the new Forward Party Forward Party Website
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    Citizen Bounty Hunters Armed With Lawsuits

    I don't like this use of lawsuits in California and I don't like it in Texas. This does not heal the political divide that is tearing our country apart. It amplifies it. The more we try to force our political will on others, the less free we ourselves become. "California Senate Bill 1327...
  4. ATeam

    Impact on Expediters of CA AB5?

    In 2013, California regulations were one of three factors that prompted us to leave expediting after 10 wonderful years on the road (CR-Unit). Now we read this breaking news that essentially makes it illegal to be an independent owner-operator in California. I'm curious to know what impact, if...
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    What is the single-best thing you've done for your health on the road?

    Expediting and good health do not generally fit well together. Sleep: The first challenge is sleep. Experts recommend 8 hours of sleep per night on a regular schedule and they have volumes of science to back that up. But the expediter's life often requires irregular sleep. That does not...
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    Canadian Trucker Protest Backlash

    It seems more uncommon than common for OOIDA and the ATA to agree on something, but about the Canadian trucker blockades, they do. "'I do not support any disturbance or destruction,' said Lewie Pugh, executive vice president of OOIDA and a long-time truck driver. While the group opposes the...
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    The Future of the Republican Party and USA

    So as not to take the C19 Topics thread off topic, I'm sharing this comment here. Coalminer said: While this is a talking-tough fantasy expressed by many, is it a realistic expectation? With a like-minded President of the United states himself cheering his supporters on and rallying them with...
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    No Fly List for Unruly Passengers

    I think this is a good idea.
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    What Are Your Fitness Hold-Backs and Wins?

    It's the new-year rush time in the fitness industry. Motivated by their fresh start in a new year and the resolutions they made, more people join gyms this month than any other. As you think about your fitness, and if you are less than happy with your present state, what held you back last year...
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    Election Night Nov. 2, 2021

    A cursory preview of last night's election results and today's headlines suggests to me that the Democratic candidates counted on people hating Trump more than they provided reasons for people to like them. With Trump himself not on the ballot, that proved to be a fatal mistake. If Trump is on...
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    Red Covid

    There's talk now of "Red Covid."
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    The Courts; This is Why I Trust Them

    Republican Donald Trump was elected president in 2016, partly because he promised to appoint conservative judges to the bench. He and the Republican-controlled senate made good on that promise, confirming hundreds of conservative judges, including three to the U.S. Supreme Court, which gave that...
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    Powerlifting for Truckers

    About 18 months ago, having done little with barbells before, I took an interest in powerlifting. After I saw some Special Olympics athletes work with our gym's fitness trainers to compete in a Special Olympics powerlifting meet, I figured if they can do it, I can do it. Also, then 65 years old...
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    The State of Freight Today (Coronavirus Effects)?

    As former expediters, now retail business owners (gym), Diane and I are looking to EO to get a better sense of the true state of things. We realize we're in the midst of rapidly developing and rapidly changing pandemic situation. Still, the state of freight has always been a good economic...
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    Motivation: How to Get Yourself Out of the Sleeper and Into the Gym

    When Diane and I were on the road, it was sooooo easy to sit in the sleeper instead of getting out to exercise, even when we were parked in an Anytime Fitness gym parking lot! We also found that once you get moving, it's easy to keep moving. The challenge is to overcome the inertia that keeps...
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    Have You Met or Seen This Trucker?

    Depending on the source you view, the average life expectancy for a trucker is 10 to 20 years below the national average. It does not have to be that way for you. See this video to learn more: This video was produced by...
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    This Could be Big; Amazon "Free" Freight Brokerage
  18. ATeam

    Are Brokers Doomed?

    Totally automated freight brokerage. No humans involved. If brokers go away, what changes for: 1. Drivers? 2. Dispatchers? 3. Motor Carriers? 4. Shippers?
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    How Has Electronic Logging Changed the Trucking Industry?

    Diane and I left expediting in 2013 to pursue a non-trucking business opportunity. While we're out, we remain interested in trucking. ELDs were just starting to appear in expediting as we got out. Now that they are mandated industry-wide, I'm just curious. How has electronic logging changed the...
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    How Older Men Can Feel Young Again

    Former expediter, now gym owner.