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    Yes, the French have a spine.

    Tip of the hat to French police and paramilitary forces in the wake of this week's terror events in Paris. Competent, professional, steadfast and incredibly brave. Finding a discarded cell phone in a trash bin led them to storm the suspected hideout where Islamic terrorists holed up. Some bad...
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    Regarding the Oregon mass shooting, it's the guns not the shooter.

    Not to be upstaged by thoughtful dialogue, President Obama raced before television cameras, yesterday, to denounce gun violence in the wake of the mass shooting at an Oregon community college. Obama pledged to politicize the issue. Too many guns in the United States, too many gun owners...
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    Pope and change.

    Looks like Obama has Pope Francis in his backpocket. Did Obama's speechwriters draft the pope's public remarks given in Washington today?
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    Kentucky's Red River Gorge.

    One hour east of Lexington: http//
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    "There was an attitude that we were delinquents." Don Everly.

    In the video below, Don Everly talks about escaping the coal mines through music. video:
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    The wave of Muslim immigration at Europe's borders is getting ugly.

    The major cable news channels are playing it down a bit, but several European countries are facing unprecedented waves of Muslim immigrants trying to enter their countries against the will of the indigenous population. Chaos, social upheaval and severe strain on public services follow. Some...
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    Make the dash count.

    Doing some research on Camp Nelson National Cemetery, just south of Lexington, KY, I happened across this video. Powerful words from a blessed man with a blessed family. video:
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    Heidi Greer

    Scouring the Youtube offerings for emerging talent, I stumbled across Heidi Greer of Stearns, Kentucky. Just as Cher blossomed without Sonny, young Heidi might find success in a solo career. Telegenic and an easy, unforced voice. From such humble beginnings, stars are born.
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    CNN airs a documentary on Alzheimer's featuring Glen Campbell.

    Every once in a while, CNN produces great television. So it is with their new documentary following singer Glen Campbell's battle with Alzheimer's disease. Poignant doesn't begin to describe this behind the scenes look at one family's effort to help their loved one continue through daily life...
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    See something, say something. A florist helps catch a killer.

    Reportedly, the shooter who killed nine worshippers at a Charleston, SC church has confessed. The good news is he was apprehended within hours after his rampage, preventing him from harming more people. An attentive florist, Debbie Dills, spotted the shooter's Hyundai near Shelby,NC and called...
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    Get out of my way, Old Dude!
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    Chinese hacking nets personal data on millions of US citizens.

    We are learning that many millions of US government employees, former and current, including military personnel and national security personnel have had their personal information compromised by Chinese hackers. Day by day this week, the depth and breadth of the story gets bigger and uglier...
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    Franklin Graham and the cultural battles.

    Franklin Graham, who leads the Billy Graham Evangelical Association and Samaritan's Purse, is searching for ways to boycott corporations which have openly endorsed the homosexual lifestyle. This past week, Graham decided to move bank accounts for BGEA and Samaritan's Purse from gay-friendly...
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    Don't let this be you. Fiery truck crash.

    A tractor-trailer crash on Clay's Ferry Bridge on I-75 just south of Lexington, KY on Monday morning ended in tragedy for the driver. Whether he was sleepy or distracted or had sudden mechanical failure is unknown. Horrible day for the driver's family. video runs about 3 minutes in a 2 part...
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    Rick Perry joins crowded GOP field for President.

    Former Texas Governor Rick Perry declared his candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination today. He joins a long list of GOP'ers hoping to go the distance. In such a large field of candidates, how does one get his or her message out? It will be interesting to see which candidates...
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    Appalachian man dies in police custody after tasing incident. No riots.

    This story likely won't warrant national media attention. But, maybe it will.
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    ISIS captures 2,300 U.S. Humvees in Iraq.

    The black flag of ISIS will now be flying from 2,300 American Humvees because the Iraqi military forces fled the field of battle. Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter says the Iraqis have no will to fight. President Obama promises to send more military equipment to shore up Iraqi defenses...
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    "Texas Rising" on the History Channel.

    The "Texas Rising" mini-series is actually pretty good. The History Channel appears to be trying to recapture the ratings magic it found with "The Hatfields and McCoys" mini-series of a couple years ago. Great casting again. Actor Bill Paxton plays Sam Houston. Kris Kristofferson has a bit...
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    Former Maryland Governor O'Malley announces presidential bid.

    Unless O'Malley has skeletons in his closet unbeknownst to the public, he should give Hillary Clinton a chill down her spine. The last time Mrs. Clinton sought her party's nomination, a relative nobody beat her like a drum. It is good that the Dems will at least have choices to ponder.
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    Young couple seek God's blessing moments before wedding.

    What an awesome story and inspiring photography.