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  1. jjoerger

    Test Drive

    I am selling my truck in the EO classified and I have a question concerning insurance for a test drive. Since it will no longer be leased to Load One and I will be returning there tag and canceling my bobtail insurance it will be uninsured when someone comes to look at it. How do I do a test...
  2. jjoerger

    Marching into Spring with the One

    Roaring in like a lion. Going out like a lamb. It's time to get rolling strong again. Sent from my SM-T597V using EO Forums mobile app
  3. jjoerger

    September at the One

    It's a new month and I'm ready to roll. The only problem I have right now is hurricane Dorian. I don't want to leave my family with that storm stalled offshore. Hopefully it will get moving today.
  4. jjoerger

    Can't find the EO app on the playstore

    I can't find the EO app on the Playstore. Can you post a link for it? Thanks
  5. jjoerger

    Load One August-Keep Rolling Strong

    July was a great month. Lets keep on rolling through August.
  6. jjoerger

    Lucas Power Steering Stop Leak

    Has anyone tried Lucas Power Steering Stop Leak? I've developed a small leak at the gear box where the steering arm universal joint connects to it. Sent from my XT1254 using EO Forums mobile app
  7. jjoerger

    Low Battery Shut Down

    Our low battery shut down appears to be kicking in while the truck is running. Everything that is connected to it shuts off for no apparent reason. Accessories, interior lights, fridge, bunk A/C, etc. The voltage meter on the truck shows it is charging at 13.9 volts and the batteries are a month...
  8. jjoerger

    Anyone using a Chromebook?

    Anyone using a Chromebook? I'm getting sick of Windows. Primary use would be web surfing and doing a few spreadsheets. I already have Google sheets and docs. I am aware of the limited storage but an SD card or thumb drive would hold more than enough for me.
  9. jjoerger

    The Happiest Day of My Life

    June 12th, 2015 was the happiest day of my life. Through the grace of God, the power of a Judge and the combined wisdom of a Guardian Ad Litem and Children and Family Services worker Shayne and I were blessed with the Honor of adopting our Grand Daughter. I would like to introduce to this forum...
  10. jjoerger

    Breaking down while on a load

    If you broke down while on a load and no vehicle could be located for a transfer what would your company do? Would they allow you to rent a vehicle to complete the run? If they had you towed to the receiver who would pay for the tow?
  11. jjoerger

    Walmart Savings Catcher

    For anyone who doesn't already know, Walmart has a program called savings catcher. You download the app and after shopping at Walmart you scan your receipt. Walmart compares the prices in your area and if another store has the same item for less you get the difference refunded to you. Since...
  12. jjoerger

    Truck Batteries

    It's been close to two years and it looks like it's time to replace my batteries again. Has anyone seen any deals anywhere lately?
  13. jjoerger

    One of the happiest days of my life

    January 7th was one of the happiest days of my life. On January 13th, 2014 my wife, Shayne, flew home to Florida from Newark, NJ to take emergency custody of our six week old granddaughter. This began the most stressful year of our lives. Yesterday we were finally able to hear the judge make the...
  14. jjoerger

    Thanksgiving Freight

    Are things pretty slow over the Thanksgiving weekend? My history shows Wednesday through Sunday are dead but that was with another carrier.
  15. jjoerger

    Oil Leak from Speedco

    Had my PM done at the Speedco in Whytheville, VA. A few days later noticed an oil drip. The leak got worse and yesterday it made a puddle. Took it back to Speedco. The oil pan drain plug is stripped and the plug can not be torqued to spec. I brought it home and took it to my local shop to see...
  16. jjoerger

    Removing road dirt from vinyl

    When FedEx installed the graphics on my box they did a complete wrap in white vinyl first. Now that I am pulling the FedEx signage off I can see just how much road dirt has accumulated on the vinyl. (The letters come off easily.) Anyone know of a product that will take this road grime off? I've...
  17. jjoerger

    Goodbye FedEx (again)

    The new flat rate pay plan has finally forced me to say goodbye to FedEx Custom Critical again. Today was my last load and my termination letter has been faxed. I'll be at orientation with my new carrier, Load 1, on Monday and I am looking forward to a new, exciting and profitable future with a...
  18. jjoerger

    Three months of flat rate

    So we've been flat rate for three months now. How is it working out for you? So far all I've seen is our rate per mile go down and our dry run count go up. I haven't seen more loads or "more miles". I wonder when the contractors will begin seeing the benefits of this program.:confused:
  19. jjoerger

    Flat Rate Solo's

    How are solo straight trucks doing on the new flat rate plan? What kind of miles are you getting? Looking for a weekly average. Thanks Sent from my XT897 using EO Forums mobile app
  20. jjoerger

    Sleeper Air Bag

    I need to replace a sleeper air bag on a 2006 Freightliner Columbia with the factory condo sleeper. I think the leak is to fast to try and get it to my local shop. Do I have to release the shock absorber and jack up the sleeper to get the old one off? I have a floor jack and a piece of wood I...