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    2015 Ford Transit Maintenance Costs

    Hey Moot!‍♂️
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    Looking to become a fleet owner.

    It’s been 10 to 15 yrs now at least, since owner operators moved from the “standard “ 2 skid configuration and gave shippers 3 plus skid capacity. This while maintaining about the same pay scale. Just wondering how many got rich and or retired because of this change? My guess is not many if...
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    March into Spring 2020

    WOM is a class act in this expediting business, with a real zeal for the adventure side of expediting. I for one will miss his posts. Stay safe KG
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    March into Spring 2020

    Well, one bright side to the virus impacts is that more people are having something to say on these forums again.:cool: Stay safe KG
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    Wow, just Wow. Stay safe KG
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    Goodbye to the J

    Quick easy access usually wins over price for me. I use gas credits at pilot/flyin j for showers. Those places are usually the cleanest and fastest. I too wish that Loves was van friendly because they seem well managed with seldom a bad window wash bucket or wiper. Stay safe KG
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    Van Tires

    Good deal! Stay safe KG
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    Van Tires

    Thanks for the info. I have a set of defenders on now but will need to replace some where down the line. Yeah they look formidable! :sunglasses: Stay safe KG
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    Van Tires

    Would you mind posting a ballpark price for those tires. Really nice looking, Hope you keep us posted on their wear and performance. Thanks Stay safe KG
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    Sorry I just don’t get why these ads are so annoying or so difficult to navigate around. I find the variety of companies soliciting help interesting. Just my opinion :sunglasses: Stay safe KG
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    November 2020 Is For Turkeys

    Maybe you are too young not to consider it. You may not like the retirement life.:cool::sunglasses: Stay safe KG
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    November 2020 Is For Turkeys

    Are you not considering a new van? Surely this one has paid its dues. If so would it be another Ford? Stay safe KG
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    Van floor setup

    If you are concerned that your measurements or planing for the holes may not be correct, why not let a professional do that work for you. Everyone is not comfortable doing some tasks. Stay safe KG
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    See You in September

    Define brutal. Stay safe KG :)
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    Expo Time

    Sorry to hear Lawrence. Listen to your docs advise and get well soon. KG
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    March 2019 .. Locations & More

    I am a fan also. Stay safe KG
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    GMC vs Ford

    They simply do away with a pair of rear tires. Stay safe KG
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    April 2019

    20 years,wow. I think my body feels like it was 40 years. Good show, well done Lawrence! Stay safe, KG
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    Chevy Express Spartan

    I would recomend the 6.0 but am less than enthused with the trans. (Replaced at 225000) mostly big hill driving. My heaviest load was an occasional 2200lb. Best of luck Stay safe KG
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    Ahhh-gust 2018 Locations & More

    Just out of curiosity what would you consider to be a “ good retirement “? Stay safe KG