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  1. greg334

    Volvo/Mack/Western Star

    I'm just wondering who other than Phil (A Team) who else is driving a a Volvo or a Mack or a Western Star?
  2. greg334

    Hey Newbies

    Just a bit of advice; a lot of times a shipper will not have the proper placard for a hazmat shipment, which means that the company will sometimes ask you to get them and charge back the customer. I had a couple shipments like that the last few weeks and an EO lurker had one that no one else...
  3. greg334

    GM #1 again?

    Well the news is they are now #1 so where is our money? I think that the next president needs to ask for the money back.
  4. greg334

    EO update??

    I don't know if the system crashed or it was an update?
  5. greg334

    Weird things happen in Iowa

    This morning I'm reading about the endorsments for the candidates and how some are trying to 'sway' Bachmann out of the race so Santorum can have more support. While I'm reading the article, an interesting pullquote popped up - Santorum would vote for Paul if he wins the GOP nomination. I...
  6. greg334

    Trump Quits

    Trump, the great showman, quits the republican party. Trump opens way to independent White House run I think it is a great move, we hear less of him.
  7. greg334

    Why do I have to go to New Jersey?

    New Jersey
  8. greg334

    No outrage.

    I beleive in making sure those who have fought for us, be it a military person or civilian, be treated in death with all respect I can show. In the past I have complained about Arlington, which to my surprise no one seems to put a lot of effort into reaching out to their congressional members...
  9. greg334

    December Locations

    Wow 7am and no one got this yet
  10. greg334

    So was the money we spent in Libya worth it?

    I ask this because I was just listening to one of them conservative talk show hosts who just lost his mind over what is happening in Libya. So get ready... it is a good one... I have no problems with this, but I wonder for those who thought that it we would see a democracy and a transition to...
  11. greg334

    Sykpe and EO

    Lately on threads that have Skpye or other things that an EO webpage has to go out and connect to, the load times are getting TOO high. I and a few others have had to wait for Skype, Google and Twitter to respond to connection requests in order for the page to load. Google is because Google...
  12. greg334

    A Brit's view of the Canadian Health Care System

    I just ran across this, I read something similar to it a while back but this one is funnier. What's the Canadian word for "lousy care"? Jeremy Clarkson - Times Online
  13. greg334

    You missed me? Seriously?

    I checked my email after working most of the day yesterday and I got this one from this site - Dear greg334 We haven’t seen you online you in a while and - what can we say? - We miss you. In today's quickly changing economy - it's important to stay connected to the best...
  14. greg334

    October Locations

    At home and amazed no one stated this at Midnight.
  15. greg334

    The Libyian Question

    This is for those who are quick to justify our involvement with Libya's civil war with the end game of ousting and possibly killing Quadaffi based on the twisted idea of justice for Pan Am 103. I have two questions; what happens if the new country is formed into one that is solely based on...
  16. greg334

    Pumpernickel does go bad

    [FONT=Arial Narrow][SIZE=2][COLOR=Navy] Yes Cheri, Pumpernickel bread does go bad.
  17. greg334

    Chrysler workers getting high while on break in the UAW parking lot

    Yes you read it right. Our great Fox local news hacks were tipped to this happening and setup cameras to see if it was true and OPPS it was. Chrysler workers get caught Now before anyone says anything, this is common stuff. when an outside complaint happens, they are 'relieved' of their work...
  18. greg334

    Don't even reply

    E-mails - not for the timid
  19. greg334

    BBcode change possible??

    Can we get a strike through here on EO?
  20. greg334

    Our Facist adminstration?

    I have been reading No Ordinary Time again and somewhere buried in the book is a brief story of FDR, John L Lewis and the coal strike of 1943. In our reecent past, we have heard a lot from the media that Bush's administration was acting in a Fascist manner with the Patriot Act and other...