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  1. xmudman

    It's a Team's Life Home Time

    Flying wouldn’t be worth it except for the short length of the trip. Even coast to coast only takes 5 hours or so. Imagine that trip on Greyhound; 4 days of no showers, hit-or-miss food, midnight-to-6:00 layovers in uncomfortable stations, all that. No thanks. Even a lowly van is better than...
  2. xmudman

    It's a Team's Life Don't look Down

    Found that out the hard way [emoji24] Looked away to turn down the dashboard lights in our Promaster. The switch for that was an up-down rocker on the left side of the dash, not a rheostat like every other vehicle I’d driven in what was then 43 years of driving. The van survived hitting an...
  3. xmudman

    Fuel for Thought Flummoxed

    I had to read this very slowly, like reviewing an accident on a dashcam, and I’m still not sure what happened [emoji38] Sent from my iPhone using EO Forums
  4. xmudman

    It's a Team's Life Lions, Tigers, & Bears, “OH MY”

    I assume also that you didn’t have to worry about all your stuff flying around in the cab. It’s so easy to get a little lazy and let something like this slide; harder to learn diligence by taking a coffeemaker to the back of your head [emoji50]. No, that hasn’t happened to me, but we have had to...
  5. xmudman

    Fuel for Thought Headlights, Taillights and Marker Lights

    Are LED headlights legal? My van has ye olde sealed beams, and they’re about as bright as votive candles [emoji19] Sent from my iPhone using EO Forums
  6. xmudman

    Our Life on the Road Expediting Service Failure

    I never saw the need to not communicate. I view us as members of a team, dedicated to getting the job done. Both of my fails last year resulted in at least some payment to the truck, although that is usually at the mercy of the broker. Going silent only hurts your cause, IMHO.
  7. xmudman

    Our Life on the Road Expediting Service Failure

    I'd think having an accident and having to swap out your load, would constitute a service failure [emoji19]. Happened to us twice last year. One was a slide off in SD; that was a lesson on how not to be cocky in snow. The other one was a deer strike. No (human) injuries, thank God.
  8. xmudman

    It's a Team's Life Help, we may have lost our minds

    Would Landstar help you walk through the process? You certainly wouldn't be the first truck owner to do this [emoji3]
  9. xmudman

    Fuel for Thought Show Your Rear or Full Frontal Exposure

    I back in. Not only is it safer to see in front of you when you pull out of the space, I like to hide my tag in plain sight. If Barney wants to run my plate just for fun, he can get his donut-laden carcass out of his car[emoji14]
  10. xmudman

    Fuel for Thought Attitude

    If I could strangle every jackass that pees on the toilet seat instead of lifting it up, I'd have a higher body count than Hillary Clinton[emoji35]
  11. xmudman

    It's a Team's Life Customized Solution

    Any place that rents space for RV parking should be comfortable with your rig. Between the custom look, the fact that it's the same size as a motorcoach, and the fact that your truck is as nice inside as any decent RV, should make it an easy choice to allow you to park there. Heck, if it were my...
  12. xmudman

    Our Life on the Road Good & Bad Freight Areas For Expediters

    No like button; I like this post
  13. xmudman

    Risky Business General Liability vs Auto Liability

    Pennsylvania requires 15/30/5. Those are the same figures as when the law was passed in 1975 :eek: Course, in 1975 every Cadillac except the Seville had an MSRP less than $10k :rolleyes:
  14. xmudman

    4-Wheeling Here Is An Interesting Van Setup

    And for those of us who don't speak Dutch?
  15. xmudman

    4-Wheeling Here Is An Interesting Van Setup

    Da, or Ukrainian :p
  16. xmudman

    4-Wheeling Here Is An Interesting Van Setup

    Link no vork. It opens up into godaddy or something like that. I saw the truck too. I think the curtainside idea has potential, but climbing up into that sleeper would get old in a heartbeat.
  17. xmudman

    It's a Team's Life Every dollar needs a name : It's a Teams Life

    I'm like George Foreman, I call every dollar George. I'm looking for a few to name Benjamin, tho ;)
  18. xmudman

    4-Wheeling Marshmallows And The Expediter : 4-Wheeling

    I don't eat marshmallows by themselves; makes me gag. In a Smore, tho? Hell yeah :D
  19. xmudman

    It's a Team's Life Fuel Mileage Update : It's a Teams Life

    13.9 out of any straight truck is good; out of a class 8? Wow :o