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  1. xmudman

    Hello from pa

    What part of PA? Wife and I live near Sunbury [emoji4] Sent from my iPhone using EO Forums
  2. xmudman

    Just saying hello

    Same here. Sent from my iPhone using EO Forums
  3. xmudman

    Heddo Drivers!

  4. xmudman

    Another "crazy" expeditor

    That's the problem right there[emoji12]
  5. xmudman

    Am I making a huge mistake?

    When you do, though, look out for deer! The girls are playing hard to get, and the boys are trying to get them [emoji12]
  6. xmudman

    Am I making a huge mistake?

    Also, when you do this, do not idle while you sleep. It's illegal in a lot of areas; in NY the police will give you a nice warm cell to overnight in.
  7. xmudman

    I Come From Alabama

    I was waiting to see who'd go there :p
  8. xmudman

    I Come From Alabama

    As in Dallas? Hell no:mad:
  9. xmudman

    I Come From Alabama

    Just please, don't do this in a van. We're fighting over table scraps as it is. If I were allowed to do so, I'd be in a straight truck.
  10. xmudman

    Greetings & such

    Zip, if I were you I would keep the CDL; some companies require one even in a van. Also, be advised that there are around 80 million vans out there, so that's a lot of competition. For your sake as well as mine (I can't get a CDL, so it's van or stay home), consider staying in the bigger trucks :)
  11. xmudman

    I'm a total noob, need help!

    We tie a rope to the mower and stand on the flat area at the top of the hill, lowering the mower then pulling it up to do the next pass. Gotta watch your feets though! :eek: :D
  12. xmudman


    Don't know about Aimster, but for me it boils down to this: I can't GET a medical card, because my right eye doesn't correct to 20/40. I tried to get the vision waiver from the FMCSA, but they turned me down. Reason? Because I wasn't ALREADY driving CMVs!! WTF??