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  1. xmudman

    Class B

    Get hooked up with a transit authority or school bus company. You can get a B with passenger endorsement for free. Ya might have to give them 6 months, maybe, but that’s time to hone your skills. Greyhound will train you, also, and you’ll get at least per diem when you’re at school for 3 weeks...
  2. xmudman

    Cargo Van Need to make money to fix this

    Instead of a hammer, I’d use two load bars and a 2x8, cut to fit between the side roof rails. Gently raise the board, trying to keep it level (tie an inexpensive level to the bottom), up to the original height. Repeat as needed. A helper would probably be required. Clean thoroughly, a little...
  3. xmudman

    Cargo Van Thinking about getting into Sprinter

    Must be; the Caffees aren't hurtin' [emoji41] [emoji4]
  4. xmudman

    Cargo Van Thinking about getting into Sprinter

    If you don't mind sitting, waiting for cheap loads, then by all means, buy a van. If you know beans about the industry, you know better. The big money in this biz is in bigger trucks. Tractor or straight, that's up to you.
  5. xmudman

    Again about Mercedes Sprinter

    Reminds me of what I saw Saturday night at the J in Texarkana, Ark. Extended Chevy van, utility trailer with car, and attached by towbar to the trailer, another car. Mexican plates on van. Hope they made it home :eek:
  6. xmudman

    First of many newbee posts

    I am considering getting into expediting. For a year I have been doing a dedicated run from PA to NYC 3 or 4 times a week, and am ready to expand my horizons. Several questions arise, particularly about my truck. It's a 1999 Dodge B3500 van with 208K on the clock, a fresh Jasper transmission...