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    I'm learning

    Will the experience I am getting working for a trucking company making pickups and deliveries relate to expediting. paper work similar, etc. I also go to some of the big three auto plants in the Detroit area, and deliver in Ohio Ind and IL. My co filed for my canada customs clearance and I am...
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    Van Requirements

    If you pick up a load weather it is on a pallet or not does it have to be secured if you are using a van .
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    new hire question

    I have been offered a position driving a van and/or streight truck under my chauffers license for a trucking company. they are offering me $9.50 p/h to start with overtime beginning after 45 hours. My question is this under federal law shouldnt overtime be after 40 hrs. I would like to work...
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    driving for an owner $$$ question.

    How much money should a new driver have in reserve to start out when driving for an owner.How long should he be expected to cover his expenses starting out before a check. This is something I have not seen discussed. Also when can a new driver expect to see his first check. Do they get paid...
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    What are my odds

    of getting hired as a driver. I am 56 years old no tickets or accidents in the past 5 years. I will be getting my cdl-b with hazmat and air brake next month. I have three years exp driving a flat bed tow truck covering half of mi-oh-and ont as far as toronto. I would like to drive a van for an...
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    D OT Physical

    I am working on getting my cdl-b license, and when I called the clinic here in Trenton,MI They asked me if I needed a drug screen also. What's the best way to go? Should I wait on the drug screen in hopes the company will give me one or do it on my own. Thank for any help you can give me...