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    Just wanted to drop a line and let you know that my thoughts and prayers are with you and your wife .
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    trump here

    I would like to take a moment to express my deepest appreciation to Tom Robertson and his wonderful wife for everything they did for me on Jan 30,2005 and the following days. Tom and his wonderful wife came running to my aid as soon as they heard of my accident . no sooner had I arrived at the...
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    Fog in Indiana/Ohio Chicago

    As a driver we all have a responsibility to arrive at a pick up or delivery destination on time. But when the safety of the driver and or load is in serious jepordy we must take the appropriate action. I for one will not take risks.I have driven in bad weather and my policy is to arrive alive...
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    Fog in Indiana/Ohio Chicago

    Watched the news tonight there was a 200 vehicle pile up on I 96 near Webberville Mi two fatalities so far. I 96 still closed as far as I know.
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    Customs fine $5000

    Stranded very good post. I dont have all the answers so I will let others answer your questions. Every time my dispatcher sent me to Canada I left from our dock and they handed me all my paperwork. So I need to know all about the procedure also.
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    ~ Press Release ~

    Congratulations Tom and steve. I hope things go smoothly for you.
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    Just want to say thanks

    To all of the posters on here. you have all been a great help to me over the last year I don't post a lot and don't reply to some posts because I dont have the expertise that some of you here have,but I do log in every day to see what's new that I can learn from.Over the months I have tried to...
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    Customs fine $5000

    I think we should look at the whole idea behind par-paps and fast.I for one don't know a lot about this but come to the conclusoin that these programs were put in place to make it easier and safer for the trucker and the borded crossing people. Making these changes were suppose to ease the...
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    Sounds interesting to me. I will be there.
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    Respect ~ Driver Turnover

    Tom I think your post really hit the nail on the head.Thank you for posting that.
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    Canada Fines!

    This is my dispatcher doing this. There are times when there is a big backup at the border and they give me a hot load going to Windsor. This is not an everyday occurance and I do think with the fines being given out now, he will be a lot more carefull to make sure the pars has cleared. I know I...
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    Canada Fines!

    I agree. when they start to see all that money. one ticket equals a lot of tolls. I have been sent to Canada several times where my boss knew that the freight had not cleared the broker yet but he wanted me to have gotten through the traffic back up . And when I got on the Canada side they...
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    Dayton Ohio good place to be based from?

    Sorry but what is the super triangle? I have not heard of this before.
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    New Contract for Christmas!!!

    Santa I need a gps ... can you come through
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    Nice to be home

    Glad to see that your home safe for the holidays. I hope things go well for you next year. i looked at your web page and like it.also looking forward to it being updated. take care trump
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    chat room

    I would like to join in also
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    The last 6 months

    My employer wont let me work a second job even if its bagging groceries If I get caught I get fired.
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    The last 6 months

    I decided to get into expediting 6 months ago and went to work for a trucking company driving a van. I am basically doing expediting work going to the big three and several other company's every day around Detroit. I have come to find out that I really enjoy this work and Wed I sat down and...
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    Happy Thanksgiving!

    To all the staff at EO. May you have a wonderful holiday and thank you for all that you do here .It is greatly appreciated.
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    Confessions of an Expediter

    It really is a challenge driving the freeways anymore. I work the Detroit area daily as my dispatcher relies on me to get the hot shots there on time .I drive 5 over the limit and if Thats not fast enough to get it there then I did my best. It's not uncommon to see cars doing 80 or 90 mph any...