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    Brick walls are ment to be knocked down keep working at it and you will succeed.
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    Qualied and Disqualified

    At the time I was hired no. Because the case was dismissed in court. But as soon as this problem showed up I told him. If I had been found guilty I would have disclosed it to him when I filled out my employment application. I have been crossing the border for almost ten years in a work...
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    Qualied and Disqualified

    I am waiting to get my canadian clearance card and I received a letter fron Canada asking me to call them .So I called them today and thay want me to go to the local police station to get finger printed and send it to the FBI for a background check for something that happened 34 years ago that...
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    But what if a driver has a clean record. But does not want to go through the hassle of crossing the border. I run Canada and I Think it is the biggest pain. Requirement of my employment at this time.
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    Canadian clearance

    how does the Canadian clearance work? and do you have to reapply if you change companies?