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  1. Jefferson3000

    Ron Paul wins Virgin Islands with 29%...

    But most of the big media outlets are calling it another Romney win. Ron Paul gets first win in Virgin Islands but all news agencies report Romney - Washington DC Conservative | It looks as if they are changing the story for the spin. Ordinarily, they report the "straw poll"...
  2. Jefferson3000

    Preserving your mental/emotional well-being on the road

    After talking to one of my new drivers this morning, it got me thinking about how important it is for anyone driving over the road, to preserve their sanity. Being away from home for days or even weeks on end can take a tolls on one's well being, in a mental/emotional way. I have found that...
  3. Jefferson3000

    Folding up the top bunk

    Just recently lost the driver in one of my trucks. He folded down the top bunk in the Freightliner FLD. Now I cannot seem to get it back up. Is there some clasp I am missing that releases it? This is a standard integrated sleeper.
  4. Jefferson3000

    Congratulations Moot!

    Just wanted to send out a special congrats to EO's very own Moot, who became a grandfather yesterday. I'm sure he'll be popping in at some point to show off pics of the baby with the proud grandpa.
  5. Jefferson3000

    Any under-CDL Straight Trucks Out There?

    After a couple recent conversations, I find myself interested to know just how many of you out there own and drive an expediter truck which is 26000 GVWR or less (especially the class 6 dock high ones). Is it a 16ft and under? 18-24? Is your carrier keeping you loaded?
  6. Jefferson3000

    Auto Shift not wanting to go into gear at start

    Hi everyone. The driver in my truck is complaining that the auto shift on my truck is not going into gear when he starts out. He gets the blinking "2" that shows it isn't in gear yet, along with the downward arrows, showing that the RPMs are not at the correct speed for shifting. I do understand...
  7. Jefferson3000


    Just wanted to get a real update on where people are encountering widespread flooding. I know Laredo is flooded. Anywhere else?
  8. Jefferson3000

    Who's killing the rates?

    Just saw this coming from the Cat. Evidently, they need some help covering a cheapy Notice the notes: "$380 is all we have in it." That's a carrier charging $1.74 per mile (even though they misfigured the miles as well) for a straight truck. That's about what we change for a cargo van to...
  9. Jefferson3000

    Cargo Vans Who Run For More Than One Carrier: An Editorial

    Recently there have been a few discussions on here about a few encounters with cargo van and sprinter owner operators allowing more than one carrier to “lease” their services. I believe that the thinking behind this is that two carriers would mean twice as many opportunities. Some even claim...
  10. Jefferson3000

    How many in Michigan? many of you Michiganders are still sitting at home, waiting to get a load out this week?
  11. Jefferson3000

    Comdata and Flying J

    Can anyone tell me the status on the standoff between Flying J and Comdata? Are they still not accepting Comdata at the pump? I pretty much stopped going to Flying J when I started using Comdata.
  12. Jefferson3000

    Copilot Truck on Pocket PC

    Well, I tried this question in the Tech Shop forum, but thought maybe it needed a broader audience. Just wondering if anyone has put the Copilot Truck Mobile edition on a PDA to use as the truck's GPS? It looks like a great idea if the PDA is GPS enabled. I don't want to run it on a smartphone...
  13. Jefferson3000

    Copilot Truck on PDA

    Just wondering if anyone has put the Copilot Truck Mobile edition on a PDA to use as the truck's GPS? It looks like a great idea if the PDA is GPS enabled. I don't want to run it on a smartphone, as I would need that for other duties. I've been toying w/ this idea as a device to work...
  14. Jefferson3000

    Your least favorite place to deliver

    Your least favorite place to deliver is.....? Ok kids. I don't see too many folks active on here this weekend, so you all must be gettin' rich out there. But for those who are around, I've got a little game for you. In the past, there have been great threads about great cities to pick up...
  15. Jefferson3000

    Cab Curtains

    I'm looking for cab curtains for my FLD. When I got the truck, it had the ones between cab and sleeper, but I took them out because they smelled hideous. I'd like to just put in the front window ones. Not much to be found on the Freightliner site. Suggestions?
  16. Jefferson3000

    Tropical Storm/Hurricane Fay

    Any of you folks stuck down in FL right now with the storm coming in?
  17. Jefferson3000

    Hand Load?

    Ok. Let's here from some contractors representing different carriers. You have a call for a load of xxx miles, requiring a straight truck of such and such a size minimum. Requirements include: -12 straps, and -50 blankets. Would you consider that qualifying for hand load pay?
  18. Jefferson3000

    Autoshift annoyance

    Do any of you autoshifters have issues with the computer not putting the truck in gear unless the clutch is completely slammed tight into the floor board? Just bought an FLD with a 10 speed auto and occasionally it won't go into drive or reverse from neutral. If I put it back in neutral and...
  19. Jefferson3000

    Cat C-10

    Ok. The new search feature unfortunately doesn't work real well with short search terms, so here I am. Someone give me the skinny on the C-10. The good, bad, and the ugly. How is the fuel mileage for the conservative driver? Ease of repair? Quality and quantity of Cat mechanics? $$$...
  20. Jefferson3000

    Roberts Express memories

    Some of you former Roberts people might especially appreciate this: Winross Roberts Express Expediter Truck FedEx - eBay (item 190099581153 end time Feb-27-08 11:22:29 PST)