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  1. BlindSquid


    In one of these threads a video was posted of nancy pelosi decrying the tax plan as Armageddon. Since then 3 of the 4 "Yeti's of the Apocalypse" have swept across the USA (riding their polar bears). Freezing our collective butts. The 4th revealed himself in a flanking maneuver, sweeping up the...
  2. BlindSquid

    No matter

    No matter what your situation is on Christmas day you and yours will sit down to a sumptuous meal as you can afford. Give a thought to the poor bastards all over the planet who would literally explode were they able to partake with you. On every continent of every race & ethnicity someone will...
  3. BlindSquid

    Cargo Van Truck stop news

    The T/A below Nashville (i24 xit62) has surprised me today with a new (to me) feature for us. I.e. dedicated expediter parking spaces (11 of them to be exact). Complete with signage so stating. This t/s was never an option due to excess bob-tail presence up to now. Just thought others would...