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  1. ADBrouse

    Newb question / advice about insurance.

    Hey Drivers, Yeah a newbie question about Insuring one's cargo van.. I understand , of course , there are a ton of variables. Could somone gimme a "typical" ballpark estimate on how much a month insurance with the usual One Mil liability and the 100K cargo insurance. Crunching numbers...
  2. ADBrouse

    For those going to Expedite Expo

    Hey drivers! As a 30 year resident of Lexington ,KY.. I would like to extend greetings to everyone here that will be attending the Expo. .yes, there are truck routs right through middle of town to the civic center / freedom hall expo center. IF you are coming from the south, take I-75 Exit...
  3. ADBrouse

    Straight Truck Aero

    So, was reading the cargo van forums... ran across a thread talking about how much actual load on can carry , weight wise , in a van. #rd grade math.. Essentially, the lighter the non freight load , the heavier the load you can run.. which lead me to thinking, that is also good advice to...
  4. ADBrouse

    Size matters? Cargo vans / straight trucks

    I understand that the cutoff for running without CDL is 10,001 ( call it 10K) How large of a straight truck could somone run and still be under that 5 ton total vehicle weight limit? 12 or 14 feet?
  5. ADBrouse

    Heddo Drivers!

    Hi.. I'm Anthony.. But friends call me Myst.. from old Facebook days when you didn't have to use real names... I am 48 have no wife, no kids , no bills. Figured that not having any of the above expenses I would run off in a van . In that my ex and her bf ran boards for a small company out of...