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  1. xxiv24

    August locations & Alien invasions

    Welcome to August earthlings...
  2. xxiv24

    Nothing but time...

    Here I think I will post pics of my less offensive HOBBY. :-) These are pics of a dark elf unit from warhammer fantasy battles called dark riders.
  3. xxiv24

    The Load One Dream Team ; Fact or Fiction?

    Hello, everyone! The purpose of this post is to give a better perspective of Load One to those of you out there who are curious about this company without the sometimes incessant mechanations of the cheerleading squad. Bear in mind, that this is a post based on my own personal observations...
  4. xxiv24

    Qualcomm: A word of advice

    A few things I feel need to be shared by o/o and drivers alike. 1. These units are expensive. Bear this in mind when you are slamming it on the floor or beating the scanner on your steering wheel hoping to make it function properly. 2. You are responsible for this equipment for as long as...
  5. xxiv24

    Dec locations...more or less

  6. xxiv24

    I'm Back.....perhaps....

    Well, here i sit at the yard. Got the truck signed on and decals put on. Took back to work physical and a dot physical, yet still cannot go into service while waiting for drug screen from last week to show up. if iwould have known this i would have waited to come up here....sigh. So, no layover...
  7. xxiv24

    Gloom, despair, and agony on me...a cautionary tale

    Forgive me but i need to vent. During the last couple of months i have been undergoing a seemingly never ending amount of crap on stress level is through the roof and I think I am beginning to buckle. So i need to vent. This story starts in June of last year. I have done...
  8. xxiv24

    This one time, at load one...

    Welcome fans to the Todd Patrick sports extrava....zzzzz
  9. xxiv24

    A Christmas Reflection

    It is the eve of another christmas as I sit here and ponder the events of the past year. [LEFT] Earlier this afternoon I drove across Missouri and Illinois making my way home for the holidays. It was a quiet ride and gave me alot of time to think about things. Most of you out there know of...
  10. xxiv24

    Honeymoon is over???

    That's funny. I don't ever recall a load one honeymoon. I recall when i started a year ago, a flurry of nothing but short loads for about 5-6 weeks until i started to complain and requesting longer loads. After that it was all good until Oct a year later. I have personally never had any major...
  11. xxiv24

    A Mild Grumbling

    There are a few out there who probably grumble a bit about this or that including myself on occaision, and are not willing to post about it on the boards for fear of repercussions and such. Well, allow me to lead the way in this case. In the past few weeks, we sometimes get a message on the...
  12. xxiv24

    Sprinter and Cargo Van Parking

    After looking at the message on the qualcomm I am left wondering, where in the back are we to park? This weekend behind the shop was a solid row of straights and bobs. As far as i know we cannot park in the middle amongst the trailors I missing something?
  13. xxiv24

    Story Time----Let's hear 'em

    One fine afternoon in Apr of '09, I find myself sitting in a truckstop parking lot doing the usual waiting for a load. My owner, at the time, calls and tells me that dispatch from Omaha wants me to do a load picking up in Houston, Tx 350 miles away from me and going straight through to some...
  14. xxiv24

    My best friend Snaps

    In June my little friend turned 17 years old. For a dog that was quite the feat. Poor little guy was blind in one eye and deaf in one ear, but had a heart like a new pup. he never barked at anyone in anger and would have probably sold me out for a pork chop, lol. He traveled the world with me...
  15. xxiv24

    The Load One Team, Greasing the Wheels, and a Rock

    Hello out there in Load One land! Many of you do not know me, in fact, only a select few do...I tend to keep fairly quiet and i rarely post on these forums, but i feel that something needs to be said concerning recent events that feed a darkening shadow over the light. (mmmm, an attention...
  16. xxiv24

    Here's your sign

    About a month or so ago, I was driving through the gorge and my girlfriend was talking to me on the cell phone. she asked me if it was dark where i was, and i said yes. She then asked me if i had my headlights on and without skipping a beat i said, "Nope, I'm steering by moonlight!" Here's your...
  17. xxiv24

    What are your favorite inventions of humanity?

    I am going with the backscratcher, it is far more convenient than carrying a tree about...:D