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    17’ Transit 2mpg boost

    As always I constantly tinker, with everything ! After MATS I put my airtabs on AND performed a tune up. I used Motorcraft 534 plugs but did a little old school thought I gapped them at .024 instead of .032! The old wives tale was more power smaller gap thinking why not this 16-17 is killing me...
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    This wasn’t something I was announcing but we’ve hit some speed bumps and can’t seem to find the proper answers! I’ve lined up some customers in our vicinity and have been TRYING to get setup under our own authority. However all the lawyers and different organizations don’t seem to understand...
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    Heating / Cooling Maxxair Fan

    Always used fantastic fans but I really hate those god awful rain covers for them .. any of you guys have maxxair fans? I had 2 remote fantastic fans but inclement weather meant either closing them or changing my parking direction to prevent water from coming in.. that was after is discovered I...
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    2500 miles in a Ford Transit, a sprinter fans take.

    When "the beast" hit the dirt road I call home tonight it was just over 2500 miles, I purchased it with 2 miles 13 days ago. Let's start this buy saying I LOVED my sprinter it never left me stranded and chugged along when money was tight and we where living on a prayer . 2008 purchased new and...
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    March 2017

    Anyone alive down here? Close to 400 trucks and nobody is active on here?! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Heating / Cooling Gasoline Espar

    Ok so I'm sitting at bolt central with my buddy heater on low pondering the purchase of a gasoline Espar heater. I have a horrible fear of asphyxia from carbon monoxide and have 2 alarms one at rear and one next to my head. Both front windows cracked and can feel the breeze in my 0* bag... how...
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    Cargo Van Transit sleeper

    Anyone mine sharing there sleepers in a transit gotta put something together the next couple days and was hoping for some wisdom! Your help is appreciated ! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Cargo Van Sprinter 4cyl who has one?

    I now what most of the posters drive but I haven't caught wind through old post or the search if anyone has one? Found an amazing deal on a '15 long and tall ! Ye sprinter of old made 740k before biting the dust with no issues . How our these little buggers doing ? Sent from my iPhone using...
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    Promaster Diesel

    Does anyone here run one? I've read of one that was returned but no others claiming ownership... If I don't get my Transit dilemma handled I have a nearby promaster diesel that has my attention ... Anyone have one if so how is it? Fuel economy ? Sent from my flying circus
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    Ford Transit owners unite!

    Who has or ordered what? Engine running gear and the goodies! Loves ? Hates? I myself ordered a long and tall ecoboost with the 3.31 final running gear. Every option but the tow kit being a ford family z plan just over 41k .. 7 weeks and counting don't even have a VIN yet ! Oh and it's silver ...
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    Want to start a friend but he needs experience!

    My fellow expediters I have a friend that needs 6 months in a van or sprinter . My carrier won't let me bring him on until he does. Anyone here looking for a driver ? Im teaching him ropes and I'd rather help him and act as an intermediate then to start calling people in the classifieds. The...
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    Anyone run seasonal ? If so what season? And why? Been off most of this year and seriously trying to figure out what I should do! Hate the heat thinking of tinkering all summer and going back into service this fall and winter... Any opinions ? Sent from my flying circus
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    Shout out to my carrier!

    I know this is a bit strange and sometimes frowned upon but I have to say the team at Active Aero has been awesome to me and my wife . Our van's bust and they have been overly helpful! Trying to help us find a replacement or even sign up as drivers with a fleet owner! I know it's in everyone's...
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    How long to keep a Sprinter...

    Lately the wife and I keep asking ourselves this question.. Our sprinter has 3/4 a million miles on it and we've done nothing above basic maintenance on it . I'm starting to get weary as I'm starting to see its age lol. I've had no working glow plugs for well over a year and it's starting to...
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    Auxiliary lighting

    As our sprinter ages the headlamps are approaching useless! I've sanded them down several times and they cook themselves time and time again... With that in mind instead of the expensive new headlamp assemblies I'm going to add a 52" lightbar across the top and some auxiliary driving lights in...
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    How many is too many?

    How many miles "grace" do you give in event of discrepancy? Case in point our carrier goes zip code to zip code, our current load is 48 miles off but they are covered in zip to zip part of our contract.. Having a "fit" this morning I figured out I've given them nearly 1000 miles so far this...
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    Team Sprinter Freight

    So recently have watched team freight fall on its face.... The wife and I run team and seems August to now has been horrible! Anyone else seeing this ? Over time we have been capable of generating a GREAT income rarely sitting but lately it's not better then my solo runs! Sent from my flying...
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    Carbon Monoxide detector going off

    As stated wife and I are zooming along on I94 and all at once the alarm starts singing! Just a basic model with no display ... Our Sprinter has no known exhaust problems but as soon as I opened a window within a few moments it turned off ! Any ideas ? Sent from my flying circus
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    Sprinter Koni Shock upgrade

    So it took 700k and $300 investment but I finally put Koni's on the back of my 08 sprinter. The difference is WOW! I'm a believer and I wish I would have stopped buying OEM shocks 700k ago! Seriously if I'd known I would have removed the factory ones in the beginning ! I know the sprinter sites...
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    Got my paws on the Ford Transit

    So to be blatant I'll open with the end decision on my part: Sprinter better step it up! Now the real deal! Also all units had 2000lbs in them! Cons first ; it's only 3 inches longer then a non extended sprinter so yes to 3 pallets but no to floor level sleeper. The Diesel engine had a...