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    Our sympathies to Kini Lu

    Sorry for your families loss,You are all in our prayers...
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    Nastiest Truck Stop on the Planet

    My vote goes to the Jersey city truck stop i don't even know if it's in business still it's been 5-6 yrs since I've been even close to it.
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    Who's got a blog and why you should start one if you don't

    Doug hello I'd like to say that your blog is really cool and looks great,an you have alot of great pic's.Thanks for the blog I'll keep visiting it.
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    Hand Load?

    Hi everyone,I think some is missing the point thinking it may take all day to load and wrap a load with 50 or so blankets.I've had WG loads that needed 50-75 blankets extra load bars and a couple of sheets of plywood and almost every time the shipper would help load and the receiver would help...
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    old drivers

    I agree with Steve and the others if they take a drivers test and pass they should be good to goooo...It don't make sense at all to me...
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    Looking for FedEx Driver

    Hi everyone i'm looking for a driver with FedEx who was my co-driver for about 5 years and we have lost contact with each other.His name is James (Jim) Morgan out of Louisville,Ky or New Albany,In...Send me a message or if you see him send me a message,I'll give ya'll my phone number...Thanks in...
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    Confused,Pretty funny... :)
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    here we go again

    Well i have to say that we all are out there very day and we see things that others don't,And i really think that this is a problem because if something happens in a commercial vehicle its 100 times worse than just 2 cars are lite suv's,Because of the wt and the length of the vehicle's.Yes again...
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    help better identify ourselves

    Hello everyone why don't you go buy a couple of Inexpensive T's or jerseys and have your EO user name printed on the back of it????
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    Marc I don't know you but I think that this Is not a Oops.If you knew that a pre drug test was coming In the near future why even drink that much and end up doing things like this??? I think after driving for over 20 years that this Is VERY serious since It was a pre test.I think If It was a...
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    Well Worth The Money!

    Greg hi I wish you the best In this project and It all works out for you.
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    I just love a mystery hehehe... mystery: noun 1.something that baffles understanding and cannot be explained.
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    Petition to Drill

    Hey guys I did my part I signed BOTH...Plus I sent It to family and friends,It can't hurt anything...
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    Get a fan

    Hi everyone well I've been using a house 12-14' fans for years.It really moves the air around the whole truck and like most have said it uses very little power. *Turtle I saw the article about walmart and i really believe walmart is BAD for the country in a lot of ways...
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    UPS/FedEx fight

    It's getting really nasty now LOL...
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    Ways you are cutting back to save $$$

    Young250 hello and welcome to EO,This is a great post and a start to some great Ideas out there that others are doing...Good Luck...
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    Stop! Read! Sign! Pass It On!!

    Sorry but NO-WAY would I sign this.
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    Tulsa Oklahoma

    Tulsa and Oklahoma city was always pretty good to get out of I remember...
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    YIKES Nascar is expensive

    Hi i love nascar and its the only sport i watch.But i would never go to a race because of the price's that you have to pay for parking,snacks,and fair location to watch the race from...It will i guess about $150 per person I can't afford it... :(
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    Colonel thanks for all the great posts.Keep us up to date on your adventures...Good Luck Sir...