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  1. fastman_1

    May Day What’s going on banter

    Guess a retired guy has to start the may thread, Sent from lost in space.
  2. fastman_1

    Y'all can remove me

    I've left the building you can now take away my posting privilege Sent from lost in space.
  3. fastman_1

    Sponsored ads

    I see we started sponsored ads that redirect you to a website... it's getting like Facebook in here.. don't like it! King of short runs.
  4. fastman_1

    Early morning calls

    These early morning phone calls from dispatch checking our location and status, needs to stop! Nothing worse being woke up to answer a stupid question, if it says I'm in service wherever I happen to be at, why do you need to confirm that? Shouldn't they be watching and bidding on loads! Thank...
  5. fastman_1


    I take it the phones are down?
  6. fastman_1

    Hello August

    Yep it August
  7. fastman_1

    June idle chit chat and banter and freight hauling

    Wellington to Elkhart
  8. fastman_1

    Happy Birthday

    Happy Belated Birthday Mr. Super Safety Man,
  9. fastman_1


    Seems to be a lot of crickets in here!
  10. jujubeans

    November to remember and chit chat

  11. fastman_1

    Load info

    Once again I'm wasting time, waiting for dispatch to get me a pick up number, why is it so hard to get all the load info the first time?
  12. fastman_1

    Giving phone number to brokers

    Giving my phone number to the broker/customer is pretty much a waste of time. I don't give out load info to anyone but PTL, for security reasons.
  13. fastman_1

    August. Where you at,

    Can't sleep might at well start the August Thread.
  14. fastman_1

    Hard to believe

    Hard to believe no calls for 2 days, not even a bad offer!
  15. fastman_1

    What's in service unconfirmed?

    What's in service unconfirmed mean? How does that happen and why? When I call to go back in service that's what I tell them.
  16. fastman_1

    Drivers Meeting

    It was good to meet some of the Akron Crew, good breakfast and Winner of a Gift Card, Thanks!!
  17. fastman_1

    Reward Points

    Thanks for the heads up that you were killing off the driver reward points.. I lost 47,000 points!
  18. fastman_1


    I assume the phones are down again? Update: they are working again
  19. fastman_1

    And Again,

    Missed a call last night at 11:45 pm on my cell phone, I 'm home in bed...why no call to the landline??? I thought this problem was fixed!
  20. fastman_1

    Points System

    I see I have 38 points, how? Why? And what can you do with them?