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    Which Owners take Solos?

    Hi everyone. I wanted to ask if anyone knows of any Panther owners who take solo drivers. I am driving team right now, but there are several unresolveable issues going on and I need to get out. Now. I want the option of teaming later, but I do not want a mandatory teammate assignment. I'd...
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    Outside Load Boards

    Greetings from California. I and my Partner made a drop in Hanford last night and moved South per suggestion. We are waiting for loads out of the LA area. Unfortunately, it's beginning to look like the number of trucks in the area was misrepresented. We are at the bottom of a long line before...
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    Is anyone here with Ilya?

    I wanted to know a few things about Ilya. Does he have a website for his company? I am having a difficult time getting information about how he runs under Panther. If any of you are running his trucks, could you message me privately? Thank you.
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    Panther DoD Electronic Application?

    My co-driver and I want to submit Panther's online Dept. of Defense application to be considered for those runs/training. We have the paper DoD applications, but we were told to submit the electronic first to get into the class, then bring the paper applications to DoD training. I have looked...
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    How Dressed are Panther Trucks?

    I am getting ready to go to orientation after the 1st of the new year. I am trying to figure out what kinds of things the trucks already come with and what I need to bring for food storage/prep. I have an electric cooler and a lunchbox cooker. I was thinking I would like to bring a lockable...
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    Expediter Services Vs. Mayfield Express

    Hi Everyone. Help me settle a conflict. I applied to Panther Expedited to run for Mayfield Express. My partner wants us to go with Expediter Services. Could those in the know help us weigh the pros and cons of both? I know he likes ES because they might help with travel expenses to get to...