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  1. Steady Eddie

    Sprinter and Miscellaneous parts

    I’m not sure why I cannot post in classifieds. So forgive me if this against some rules. Facebook has a market place where I have listed all my leftover new Sprinter parts, 2000 watt inverter, oil filter (13), glow plugs (7), lower ball joints,(2), inter tie rods (2), outer tie rods (2) all...
  2. Steady Eddie

    Apps Topic tab

    Is it really necessary to have the trending page be default page in the app? Nothing is trending but June’s location from 2017. Sent from my iPhone using EO Forums
  3. Steady Eddie

    Mechanical 2005 Sprinter Recall

    Today I received a recall on my Sprinter. Seems that a reprogramming of the engine control unit is in need of updating. The MAF if fails, the check engine light will not illuminate or store error codes in the ECU. Anyone else? Sent from my iPhone using EO Forums
  4. Steady Eddie

    Tap talk

    Today I started getting notifications when someone likes a post. It has to do with tap talk. First time this has happened. So, how do I stop it? Notifications is turned off in the EO APP. Sent from my iPhone using EO Forums
  5. Steady Eddie

    Memphis Pyramid and Bass Pro Shop

    Good video, can't say much about the host. lol
  6. Steady Eddie

    The History Of The Middle Finger

    Well, now……here’s something I never knew before, and now that I know it, I feel compelled to send it on to my more intelligent friends in the hope that they, too, will feel edified. Isn’t history more fun when you know something about it? Before the Battle of Agincourt in 1415, the French...
  7. Steady Eddie

    Employee's Say No to UAW

    No UAW in Tennessee at the Volkswagen Plant. VW Workers in Chattanooga Reject Auto Workers Union -
  8. Steady Eddie

    NAG1 Fluid

    I ask this question on another site, got nothing so far. I've been looking around for approved transmission fluid. Came across Valvoline MaxLife ATF Ful Synthetic Spec sheet shows 2003- 2009 Sprinter NAG1 Mopar P/n 05127382AA, MB NAG1, Shell ATF 3403 M115 Same specs in my owners manual. Auto...
  9. Steady Eddie

    Blocking the Recurt door open

    Sprinter Air box fire, not mine. But, it may have over heated due to blocking your air door open, causing over heating?
  10. Steady Eddie

    UAW_UAW or Honda_Honda ?

    Honda cuts pensions, reduces benefits | The Columbus Dispatch Honda will not give pensions for new hires.
  11. Steady Eddie

    You Need to Fluff it Monthly for it to Work Properly When Needed

    If you have never Fluffed your fire extinguisher you may need to do so. It is easy to do. Over time the powder settles and can become packed and may not work when needed. Before you Fluff it Inspect the gauge to ensure it is charged correctly. If not, recharge or replace. Look inside the...
  12. Steady Eddie

    Ponder Time-2005 Sprinter

    This is weird. Really Weird. My A/c is blowing hot air from the drivers vent. At the vent 89 degrees, out side temp is 94. However, the passenger side blowing 63 with 94 degrees outside. The top left vent is warmer air flow from the top right vent. Any A/c pros out there?
  13. Steady Eddie

    Goodby Jeff Curry

    Goodby Jeff and good luck!
  14. Steady Eddie

    Alternator Problems? May Not be the Alternator

    Last month I had a belt tensioner break. It broke on the pulley arm. Had all new pulleys and belt, tensioner replaced. Last week I had my battery light flash at me. I took the new belt off and found chunks out of the ribs. Placed a small screw driver in the fan of the alternator to test the...
  15. Steady Eddie

    Our Daily Load 1 Thread

    The best carrier I've never work with.. What say Ye....Arrrrr Sorry, couldn't help it. Who dat in Oakdale, IA?????
  16. Steady Eddie

    The Sprinter Wanna Be's

    I did a side by side comparison on a Sprinter vs a Sprinter wanna be the other day. The unit was a 2012 Aero Cell Ford, or a Cargo Max can't remember, with a 12 foot box. We both filled up at the same place. We agreed to fill up in 200 miles. I put 9 gallons in at a cost of 32.85 He put 18.9...
  17. Steady Eddie

    Sprinter Blow-out

    I was 8 miles from my drop off Sat., and had a blow-out on right front. The tire was completly gone, all but the inner side wall. Long story short. I went to bell Tire and they didn't have the tire that matched the rest. So I headed to Discount Tire. Little young dude met me before I stopped...
  18. Steady Eddie

    Conference Call Today

    Todays call was the best one so far. I've missed maybe two calls since call 1. It had a lot of good info on Express-1 and XPO plans to move forward. Good ideas from the new "Raise Your Hand" option, I liked that. All of my questions was addressed very quickly. If you didn't make the call you...
  19. Steady Eddie

    Factory Index Climbed to 54.8 Last Month

    The Institute for Supply Management’s factory index climbed to 54.8 last month, exceeding the most optimistic forecast in a Bloomberg News survey and the best reading since June, the Tempe, Arizona-based group’s report showed today. Readings greater than 50 signal growth. Enlarge image...
  20. Steady Eddie

    Oh NO!!

    Barry is giving a Speech....There goes Wall Street!