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    Steer Tires

    Need new ones and i got a guy who has some used 200 miles on them, Goodyr 662's. Now the website doesn't suggest them for long haul app.Has anyone run there's? and how long did they last? would you by them for 200$ under invoice? thats whats he is asking.400 apice plus mounting and free balancing.
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    Dot Inspections for cargo vans

    for those of us who's carriers require this,i lost the place by my house that did them for 20$ now i need to find another shop to do this.I tried the scale house and they said they don't to vans.
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    So you want to be a Fleet owner

    I hope this link comes up,if not go to on up tube.
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    Fedx considering option of a flat rate for strt and tt

    I have a good friend of mine who drivers a Fed van and got a letter saying something about fixed rates for strts and tt as a option.I called Fedx,i am considering making a switch over there with one of my teams and this was confirmed but was light on details,like what the flat rate who be.My...
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    Anyone have a HP2000 APU

    If you like it? how long you've had it? and do they make a 3cyl.
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    Fuel Question

    Looking at fuel prices,i noticed in C.T they use ULSD2 fuel in I.L they have 11% B-ULSD wondering the difference,both are winter blend?
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    Refer vans

    I know Fedx has at least one,wondering if there adding anymore.If there's other companys moving that way i'd be interested in knowing.
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    Canada canada speed limiters,what to do

    Wondering what others are gonna due after the 1st,not expecting much info from carrier.I wil not be putting the limiters on my trks,we only run up there about 10% of the time.What are the fines and such if anyone has researched it.
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    Ext doors and loads for vans

    I have 5ft of door space,trk came with a accubuilt top.In the 16 months i've had it i've only had 9 loads that wouldn't have fit into a stock e250 ford van,and 2 of the 9 would have fit if ya broke the skid down.I think the Spinter has more then 5ft and there longer,just wondering how the extra...
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    Allison trans service

    Need to do filter and fuild change,any suggestions on a go dealer or garage to have it done at.
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    Driver with a 10 yrs old felony

    Does anyone know of a company that would accept driver?
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    Drain plug ruined threads in oil pan,need new oil

    I have a 07 freightliner business class with mbe 900 engine that engine has a aluminum pan so i am told it can't be rethreaded.No one stocks a new one it comes across the pond from Germany,and it's 700 hundred dollars not including labor,and it will take a week or so.I think the engine has be...
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    Trk won't turn off

    I got a 02 4300 Int that won't turn off,per my driver she turns the key in the off postion and the gauges all shut down but the trk keeps on running.Gonna layover in charlston s.c if anyone knows a shop that's open on sun and are mechanics not part changes i would apprecatate it,ignition switch...
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    Rear cameras on strt trks

    I have a female single would i think would really like camera on the box,wondering what they cost were to mount,and how they hold up.
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    Nitesystem or Burgstrom APU any info.

    I read the apu thread from back in june,alot of good info.I have heard this Nitesystems is run with deep cell batterys and doesn't use as much fuel.Another thing has anyone heard of getting a ticket for running a generator? i mean i could see were the powers that be may consider that idling,or...
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    Freight Bills

    Are there any carriers out there the will send you a copy of the bill,i am with Panther and they won't cause we have a fixed rate per mile.I thought Fedx did? I would like to see what amount the carrier is getting if any of the fuel sur charges.
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    GM Duramax owners

    How are they? mpg,maintanince,techs at GM dealers.
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    Truck Auction

    Has anyone bought or sold at the Fort Wayne TRK Auction? If so how does it work.
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    Who sells used sleepers and boxes?

    Was wondering if anyone knows of a company that does this?
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    Two 1099s

    I have 4 units signed on to a carrier,i want to add one under my new LLC will there be trouble if i have 2 1099s from my carrier? one with my name the other with my LLC.Question 2 If i rent a house/office in a freight lane and i do most of my work outta that office may i use this as my home base...