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    Holy crap! Guess I'll have all the weird outlier deliveries I can handle going forward (I'm under the Transforce umbrella)
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    June know its June already

    :p bad pun I know, not my strong suit For anyone who has had the yellow abs lights on a sprinter, this is the updated part (1000x thicker) that might finally save me from a hundred "resets" of the transmission a day Continuing on my quest of a perfect 2005 while things are slow
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    April 2020 Fools & Follies

    Where is the April thread? Did WOM's exit destroy a tradition? It's the 3rd For locations, I'm working locally (Southern Ontario) and hiding in my house in between. I have the "get out of jail" paper too saying I can cross border and drive interstate. But, I'm not entering a country taking this...
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    Title of link says it all

    No Steering Wheel, No Driver, No Problem: Feds Approve First Ever Truly Driverless Vehicle -
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    Are we out of a job?

    US DOT approves Nuro's next-gen driverless delivery vehicle design
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    Carriers, riddle me this

    More in the "things I've always wanted to ask" category Why do so many advertise hiring new O/O for being on the road so long? Example "3 weeks out before going home" Now I'm not new, and can guess why a driver would be required to... But owner-ops? What if a guy wants to work 1 run a week...
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    DOT inspection

    It's come to my attention, that the DOT inspection standard is a pretty low bar. Anyone crossing into Canada, do the scales inspect according to the DOT standard here? Or does Canada have its own rules? Yes I'm Canadian, but never having been inspected I have no idea (My assumption that it...
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    Insurance and Double Brokering

    Please somebody explain this to a Canadian. I work for as an owner operator for a large company in Canada and pay my own liability insurance (they cover cargo) Why do I hear that the company you are leased to is supposed to provide liability and cargo? In Canada those that do obviously have a...
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    Spec'ing a Straight Truck for MPG

    Dipping my toe in the water. I freely admit I know absolutely nothing about anything larger than a van. After lots of google searches, I find talk of large high torque motors + tall gears and direct drive. But those mpg (just under 12) match what I've heard the smallest straights under 26k are...
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    The Death of the Diesel...

    Or, how GM has made it pointless... I may have posted about this before, but this is a much more in depth article. See why I think this would make everything else outdated Moving More With Less: Why Four-Cylinders Are Coming to Full-Size Trucks
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    Hotspots and CLOUD act

    So, while aimlessly browsing on the internet, I came across something called the CLOUD act that was just passed. Wonderful that all the countries of the world share your personal information with each other without a warrant. Hotspots apparently give away your emails, banking passwords...
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    Please let them build this engine

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    Another sign we don't have long

    So today, it's announced that the first autonomous freight is moving for customers in Arizona. (They use humans for short haul and robot for long haul) We're all still in denial I think Uber self-driving trucks are now moving cargo for Uber Freight customers I just wanna see the dot cop's...
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    Time for something new

    Well, my Sprinter is trucking along nicely, and I still like it, but...i'm completely bored. Nothing interesting is on the horizon for 2018 either. 2019...maybe...but details are sketchy So I ran across something completely different...something interesting...and I decided to share it How...
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    DEF fluid is dead!

    Along with the pollution control breakdowns that afflict newer Sprinter and others. This hit me sideways, it's from a manufacturer that I made a complete break with, old or new vehicle (a junior tech forgot to fill the antifreeze in our MPV at a recall service, we were phoned to come pick it...
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    Rates and Rants

    Ok. Think we need a thread to vent. (Well I do) Last year was awesome, this year a race to the bottom. What gives? Apparently consumer confidence is at its highest since xxx Lots of people say don't expect more than 70c. I've got all the work I could possibly do at 1.20 +. Doesn't matter where...
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    I'm going to do it!

    Insulate, that is. Here's the quick version: Decided to use Roxul stone wool in the walls, its good stuff...fill all the cavities and vapour barrier it one piece floor n ceiling too...1/2 slab of poly board under a harder thinner plywood sheet...finish the walls and ceiling with 1" polyiso R6...
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    EOBR's an independent what do I do? A quick search states the fmcsa is aware of no standalone units that are not part of a freight a qualcomm just for me and pay 40 a month?