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    Ms Cortez-how she got there

    I think if you look back, this is a young Pelosi. lol
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    Ford Transit 3.5 Oil/Filter Change

    What might help with the oil filter on 3.5 is an auxillary filter. Lucas sells them. Attach it to the original filter outlet on the engine then run the line to the filter which you can install on the firewall or whereever. I used them on chevy P/up's and chevy c/vans. Makes life a lot...
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    just passed into law

    He started doing mine before registry came into play. Not any problem putting it through the highway department this past December when that part started. Have to get them yearly because of aptnea.
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    just passed into law

    I guess my Physicals have been illegal all these years. My VA DR. has done mine for more than 10 years.
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    Everyone needs to watch this [email protected]

    I have seen this video several times and it never gets old. Thanks Rich.
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    Chain laws. Newbie question.

    Cabbage, North Powder, along the Columbia River with ice. I ran that nightly for 8 years with triples or doubles when bad. Have heard from all the big time truckers who never have used chains and yes past most of them when their jack knifed or ditched. Any Les Swab tire dealer on the way out...
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    Cargo Van use of BLIZZAK tires on vans in winter

    Oh come on guys, slap on a set of chains and let'er rip. lol!
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    FedEx is the absolute worst

    They have those trucks because they live in those trucks. And a solo can't run cross country in the same time and Government loads require two drivers. Kind of hard to do in a garden tractor.
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    Cargo Van Time for a high top

    Slow to return the post. Thanks for the info.
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    Cargo Van Time for a high top

    Moot, when you speak of cross wind effects on the transit, have you ever felt as if you were losing control?
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    2014 Dodge ProMaster 3500 3.0 I-4 Diesel vs 2015 Ford Transit 350 I-5 3.2 Diesel

    I seem to recall when Dodge was selling the Sprinters how so many on here were complaining about cost of repairs and "no parts to be found syndrome". I also remember reading how much they were paying for broken Turbo's. I hope the Engineer who designed that turbo isn't responsible for the dual...
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    Anyone heard of....

    Being from Laredo is scary enough.
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    Truck accident

    I was hit in 2002 while owning D unit leased to Landstar. Werner driver just took off the drivers side mirror. I was in the truck stop eating. He took off but a nice driver and his wife came and got me telling me what happened and also get his truck number and license number. Called Werner...
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    What Year Did You Start in Expedite Trucking?

    2001 Landstar Express
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    Done Deal

    Never said I was an expert in Islam. The most excepted way in America to spell the Koran is that way. There are two ways to spell it. I use the Koran spelling. Muslims don't like it spelled that way. In to reading on the subject, some of the books I have read. Rabbi Jonathon Cahn, The...
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    Done Deal

    You need to study a little deeper into why he moved to Medina. Has nothing to do with his followers, it has to do with tribal leaders. Oh I guess you haven't heard of the Lake of Fire. I don't study Websites sir. I know saying anything on this site will be over ridden by you and your...
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    Done Deal

    Regardless of what's been agreed upon, having studied the Koran, and Bible prophecy it's okay for Muslims to lie. They're one and only mission is to concur the world. It's also okay for them to kill a family member (it's done regularly) if they sway from the Koran's teaching's. So deal with...
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    Veterans Roll Calll

    US Army 65-69 Army Aviation. CWII. Flew attack helicopters (gunship). VN 67-69.
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    Avoid Deming, NM

    Wow, it was just a joke. You know to much stress will kill ya.
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    Avoid Deming, NM

    Does the term "Driver Shortage" come to mind. LOL!