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    From The Desk Of Andy Clarke

    In case you haven't seen it yet.... Edit: Don't mind me a little behind, at home on vacation :P Dear Panther Owner Operators: Today is an important and exciting day for all of us at Panther Expedited Services. Just minutes ago, a definitive agreement was announced to purchase our company...
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    So where are you sitting this Easter?

    Sitting here in Bordentown, NJ at the Petro..... Was hoping for a good weekend run but no luck there.?. Sent from my ADR6400L using EO Forums
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    Sitting around

    Man, is it me or is it no matter what choice you make here lately you end up sitting for The least two days before you get another load offer.... Posted with my Droid EO Forum App
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    Running slow???

    Does anyone else feel like this.......
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    How are you Running

    So How is everyone out there running... sitting in El Paso TX right now hopeing to get out sometime soon
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    BackHaul Options

    Hello These are for those who want to find there own backhauls These are also on the panther website.... No Username or Password Login and Password Available on Reference Page Login and Password Available on Reference Page If you have not set...
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    Well we have been sitting in Florida since Thursday and just got a load to California..... Now hopefully we will be able to get out of their Now have any of you been out there in awhile and how did you do getting out?
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    Changing Password

    Hey have any of you tried to change your password? When I try to do it, it asks me to log in again, then it says "Validating Credentials" then it says we failed to log you in? Currently Using Firefox, Also Tried doing it in Chrome.... hmmm maybe I should try and use the dreaded Internet...
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    Hry everyone how are we doing this week? on our half its been slow came here from laredo now spending two days in memphis i guess
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    Slow Week

    Is anyone else having a slow week or is it just us?... or maybe just Tennessee, but the last few weeks have been really good, thanksgiving slowdown already?
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    Wouldn't it be nice if panther would put something on the driver web that would show us how all of the boards are doing like they show you now for a 300 mile radius around where you are sitting... This way we would not have to ask them how the boards are doing where we are going every time we...
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    New Advance Policy

    So I was wondering what do you guys think about the new advance policy? Will it make a big difference to you? I don't think it will make to much of a difference to me we try to keep enough money on the card to take care of any fuel that we might need on a trip... the only thing it will do is...
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    For some reason I can't post in the panther Expedite forum, I've tried sending messages to one or two of the moderators where they maybe overlooked? Or am I not good enough for the cliche :) Thanks for any Responces