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  1. Falligator

    I 65 NB in Alabama at a complete standstill

    Avoid this section of highway for the next several hours. I hear traffic is being diverted off the highway due to black ice and several accidents. Around mm 310-318 is where the problem is. SB traffic moving. Been sitting for an hour not moved.
  2. Falligator

    Breaking News: The Romney campaign announces Paul Ryan will be the VP running mate.

    Don't get all giddy about it. I think Chris Christy would have been a better choice!
  3. Falligator

    Did anyone listen in on the conference call regarding the buyout?

    I'm just wondering if anyone listened in to the conference call this evening regarding the buyout. Anyone got any opinions? I just hope that this will bring more freight opportunities to the whole fleet. TT's, ST's, CV's and Sprinters. :cool:
  4. Falligator

    What's your best Sunset Picture?

    So I'm sure we've all seen those amazing sunsets while driving over the road. So I was wondering what everyone's best sunset picture is. I've got a couple while in Virginia and when I was living down in Florida so here's one of them. It was taken just west of Inverness, Fl...and I can't...
  5. Falligator

    Scenic Winter Routes

    So I guess this would be a good thread to post your winter scenic snow pictures or Christmas lights pictures. Guess I'll start the thread off with this pic of the Indiana Turnpike from this morning. I've got a few good places to get pics from where I live if we can get a decent snow this year!
  6. Falligator

    It's going to be a long season fellow Buckeye fans

    Well, I knew today was coming and sure enough we got hammered by Miami. So far from what I can see is two QBs who can't hit the broadside of a barn. Haven't we had enough of the running QB? All I want is a QB who can throw the darn ball!! Lol Vent your frustration here---------->
  7. Falligator

    Is there a way to hook phone up to laptop for internet?

    I'm just wondering if there is a way that I could hook up my Verizon Droid to my laptop and use the 3G internet. I hooked it up to my laptop previously with my phone charger usb cable but I don't know how to access the internet from my laptop. Posted with my Droid EO Forum App
  8. Falligator

    Looking to buy a nice camera.

    I'm looking to buy a nice camera for around 600-700$ anyone have any suggestions? I'd like to be able to change filters, and have great zoom capabilities. I would ask Peter Lik, but I bet he's outta my price range. Lol Posted with my Droid EO Forum App
  9. Falligator

    Republicans who think that "Most" Americans don't want taxes raised.

    Okay, so I am watching CNN and I see Republicans who say that most Americans don't want to see their taxes raised. However, there is a poll where 66% of Americans support a budget deal with a mix of tax increases or (cutting loopholes). I tried and tried to comprehend who the Republicans are...
  10. Falligator

    Under 26,000 lb Straight with Hydraulic brakes CDL or no CDL?

    So my question is do you need a cdl or not to drive a straight truck that is under 26,000 lbs with hydraulic brakes? Also, do you need a chauffer's liscence to drive a Sprinter van. I am from Ohio, so I tried to contact the Ohio driver's liscence exam station which (of course) is closed today...
  11. Falligator

    Slow Freight IVX....

    Only got 1171 miles this week. Many drivers I've been hearing from have also had a lousy past couple weeks. Anyone got a good explanation on why this is happening? I know gas prices have dropped (for some). And I know that with the nasty weather lately may have been affecting it, but I...
  12. Falligator

    Terrell Pryor driving on a suspended liscense. Today's breaking news!

    So being a Buckeye fan, I'm dissapointed to find ESPN breaking the news that Terrell Pryor was driving the loaned SUV on a suspended liscence. Can someone from the Ohio State Athletic board please wise up and dismiss this guy from the team? Or would Pryor just enter the supplemental draft so...
  13. Falligator

    Shame on congress and Obama!!!!

    It's a crying shame! Congress can pay themselves but not our fighting men and women with families! Shame for sticking politics before families. There is a time for debate and a time for passing a budget. If congress wasn't paid we wouldn't have a government shutdown. For you Republicans who...
  14. Falligator

    April 2011 locations!

    Warmer weather is finally in sight! What's your 20? Got a load from Flora, IL to Lansing, MI 426 loaded miles. Posted with my Droid EO Forum App
  15. Falligator

    Think we will go to war with N. Korea?

    Think we will be at war (or should I say resume) with N. Korea? We should have finished the job 50 years ago.
  16. Falligator

    Get out and vote!!!

    Tired of Congress?? Looking for work?? Tired of crappy products made in China? Want your job to stay in America instead of being outsourced to India? Then get out and vote!!!
  17. Falligator

    Could there be an iphone app for EO?!

    I was just sittin here thinking it would be very cool if EO could make an app for the newer phones? Would this be a possibility? Just a thought!;)
  18. Falligator

    ohio and split speeds

    Did Ohio get rid of split speeds on all the roads or just some of the roads? This law is confusing some roads like US 23 and I-76 are still marked 55mph trucks 65 cars. Some like the turnpike and I-75 are 65mph for cars and trucks.
  19. Falligator

    What state has the nicest welcome center?

    In your opinion, what state has the nicest welcome center and why? What or which states have the worst and why? So far, I have been in every state in the country except for 7 of them. Those are, North Dakota, Alaska, Nevada, Arizona, Oregon and Washington. Out of the ones that I have seen Texas...
  20. Falligator

    Need tire advice!! 2007 Ford E350 Superduty

    Hi folks...I've got a 2007 Ford E350 Superduty cargo van. I submitted this thread to see if anyone has a particular brand favorite or if it doesn't matter. I usually get the Goodyear Tracker 2's at Wallyworld for 110 a piece, but I'm hoping maybe for the right price there is a better brand out...