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    I have 727825 on my 2007 Sprinter 90 day average 19.70 0.14 cost per mile use fuel gages from Ken Rutherford have 1078 fuel up in data bank original engine and trans
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    what time of the year is best time to start

    I was in the sand box 2004/05 till I hit a IED and they carried me back started in a sprinter in 08 after rehab its all owner operator or fleet owners under 10k NO NEED FOR CDL, scales or logs I would stay put unless the lost contract if you need money this is not the job for you Im semi retired...
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    Lucas oil additives good or bad?

    Only at Lucas Oil if you have fuel in your oil till you get the problem fixed with your injector Sent from my SCH-I535 using EO Forums mobile app
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    Obama lied?

    Just heard last light night on landline now OOIDA will be setting up their own private marketplace for truck drivers for insurance nothing can go live until October 1st though Sent from my SCH-I535 using EO Forums mobile app
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    Obama lied?

    DO NOT GO TO A INSURANCE site directly after Oct ! you go to the go to your state through it if you state bother to set one up if not you will be sent to the fed insurance marketplace for you to compare plans from all companies there will be bronze silver gold and...
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    High Mileage Sprinters

    I have 536000 on my 2007 sprinter planning on another 200-300K before dropping a rebuilt motor in it I use A BY-PASS oil filter oil samples still come back great no fuel or blow by still use 4 qt every 10K miles with filter changes Custom ECM program and redid exhaust system thinking of...
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    NITE System With Solar Power

    for air I have been using a gocool which is a 12 volt air it does not use a compressor it uses cold water through to evaporator from 40lb of ice just can not keep up with heat during day in MS or TX only last 3 or 4 hours then you also have cost of filling every night with ice about 10.00...
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    NITE System With Solar Power

    UV rays go through the snow I've been using solar panels for 5 years now
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    how many miles have you got on your sprinter

    2007 bought new April of 08 526000 miles original engine and trans oil will last 80 to 90K because of by-pass oil filter trans and rear end get changed every 70K
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    Power Inverter for Fridge in Sprinter

    go with ENGEL frig /freezer mine been on for 5 years its 12 run I run 3 house batteries and starter battery on my 2007 sprinter with a Shure power isolator between them alt is stock 180 amps realey charges above 60 amps on my xantrex meter use the book manage 12 volts can get it at most camper...
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    Lucas Upper Cylinder Lube & Cleaner

    Use fuel gauges and the app for smart phone lets truck from Kevin Rutherford all free then you won't have to guess mileage my 07 sprinter is 20.36 90 day mpg and 0.19 cost per mile
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    Here's my Sad tale....

    my dodge dealer in monroe mi only charged me 300.00 to take off and put back on and had it up in the air all week waiting for filter to com back from ct
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    Oil By-Pass Filter and Oil Pressure gauge Installed on a 2007 Sprinter

    This has been a year in the making there was no taps on the side of my engine to take high pressure so the oil cap had to be drilled and tapped. I used a Amsoil swivel fitting (BP-89) on the top of the oil cap The problem was always having leaks under the base because of the high pressure and...
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    MPG sprinter info needed

    I use Kevin Rutherford - Trucking Business & Beyond progam at free for fuel 30 days average 17.98mpg cost $0.21 on 2007 sprinter
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    New Truck Stop

    A number of my Friends from working in Iraq are up there they keep hounding me when am I coming THE UP SIDE good pay no road side bombs no one shoots at you driving THE DOWN SIDE ITS COLD
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    oil rerecirculating

    Just did my first run with by-pass on my 2007 sprinter will be posting pics soon want to run 5000 miles first before showing mods that need to be made to oil filter cap and return line have had leaks before want to see if every thing working
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    Oil Analysis

    Blackstone labs
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    Great Sprinter Work Nashville Freightliner

    The teck told me the 180K rear end fluid change that MB recommends is to far for us that the goes bad with all the weight and heat from running miles they suggested doing fluid change around 70K like traney and checking fluid every other oil change
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    Great Sprinter Work Nashville Freightliner

    After being towed in on Saturday for a break down on I40 Fri night. That sounded like I lost the whole bottom of the Van 07 Sprinter 2500 (Solar Power Sprinter) found left hub and axle striped. Rather than replacing the whole rear end they were able to replace the axle. On test drive ABS...
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    wireless devices

    I have a air card with Verizon over 2 years no problem connection any place in country and as a plus you get a 12% discount for Tri-State just bring ion your settlement sheet to any store every littler helps