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    will Biden follow Trudeaus actions?

    Trudeau is proud to report that Canada is moving forward with important reforms to Canada's military to better take on Russian aggression, the source of which is toxic masculinity and Putin's homophobia and misogyny. So it is resolved, with an amendment to the charter, that the Canadian Ministry...
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    Apple says it's slowing down older iPhones

    interesting article.... Here's why Apple says it's slowing down older iPhones
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    We're winning with NAFTA'

    Major automakers, suppliers and auto dealers are launching a new coalition on Tuesday to urge President Donald Trump not to withdraw from the North American Free Trade Agreement Auto industry tells Trump: 'We're winning with NAFTA'
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    September gossip!

    12 days into the month..wuzz up?!!
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    Nation's oldest Civil War pensioner collects $73 a month from VA

    The Civil War may have ended 152 years ago, but for Irene Triplett, it still continues in a way far more tangible than recent fights over Confederate monuments. For Triplett, 87, the Civil War means a monthly check for $73.13 from the Department of Veterans Affairs. Triplett is the sole...
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    Students get Minnesota school to overturn flag ban

    some common sense teens win the day.... Students get Minnesota school to overturn flag ban
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    US Navy says most 7th Fleet warships lacked proper certification

    unreal...they let the training slide to poor level.... The majority of ships operating in the U.S. Navy’s Seventh Fleet, where two destroyers have been involved in fatal collisions since June, weren’t certified to conduct basic operations at sea related ... US Navy says most 7th Fleet...
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    Hurricane Irma

    Just became the strongest recorded winds on record for the Atlantic...hit the Carribeans like a steam roller and didn't even slow down...Latest curve has it coming in bulleyes from the south moving north, dead center of Florida...
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    I did not know this...

    American combat boots: Did you know? Did you know that there was no right or left foot for early combat boots? Learn this and other facts about the history of American combat boots
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    Canadians investing in the US

    I know some invest here and even buy property so this article might be of some interest. Getting U.S. Dollars for Less: What the Banks Aren't Telling Canadians | HuffPost
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    Tesla’s Model 3 Changes Everything

    sounds like a huge step forward.... Driving Tesla’s Model 3 Changes Everything
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    Ford to build the Focus in China instead of Mexico

    While there will be NO job losses at the MI Wayne plant...bad new part is NO NEW jobs as Trump wanted... Fly in the ointment about the Mexico plant being cancelled early in the Trump days is....Ford was at that time just going to increase production at an older plant in no time was...
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    And they weren't even Russian!

    Hackers 5. Voting machines 0 It took less than a day for attendees at the DefCon hacking conference to find and exploit vulnerabilities in five different voting machine types. “The first ones were discovered within an hour and 30 minutes. And none of these vulnerabilities has ever been found...
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    $1 billion alleged Medicare fraud, money laundering scheme leads to Florida arrests

    And Todays arrests in Florida were hardly mentioned on network news... $1 billion Medicare bust in Florida is biggest 'criminal health-care fraud case ever' includes a long list of Medicare Fraud cases...totaling Billions of $$$ Medicare Fraud Strike Force
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    If Trump gets his wish....

    Have any considered your future if Trump manages to shutdown a lot of Mexico imports which will also mean exports as well and the effect on expedite? ..almost nothing out of the border towns? You'll all be begging for them, what you chide as shorties, just to make your van payment... This over...
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    Canadian Sniper Smashes Record,

    Canadian Sniper Smashes Record, Kills Islamic State Fighter from Over Two Miles The sniper, who serves as a gun specialist in the elite Joint Task Force 2 operation in Iraq, achieved the feat by shooting an assailant from a high rise building over a distance of 3,450 meters, approximately 2.14...
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    Ontario passes ‘totalitarian’ bill allowing gov’t to take kids from Christian homes

    They are going nuts up there too!!.... Ontario passes ‘totalitarian’ bill allowing gov’t to take kids from Christian homes
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    MAY all your dreams come true!

    May brings spring flowers....:)