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    Changing lanes, BEWARE.

    Most people are familiar with this law but if your not beware. Also every State has their version. Commercial vehicle changing lanes in an intersection is a 4 point moving violation, a big fine and or 30 days forfiture of CDL. This is S.Carolinas law and DOT enforces it. One of my...
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    The Answer to insulating C/Vans and trucks.

    It's hard to believe but this stuff works. 2 gallons will do a C/Van or Maxx. Brush, roller or sprayer. It's clear. Amazing stuff. Tip, Wash the top of your cab or C/van top and let thoroughly dry. Apply thin coat with a sprayer. Let dry an hour and reapply. Try not to get wet for 72...
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    Free Cell Phone Minutes!!!

    Was in Batesburg SC today saw a long line of about 50 people. A large sign on the tent said "Free Minutes". They were lined up for OB's free cell phones. Like Romney stated after the elections, "You can't beat Santa Claus". :mad:
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    New Tax's and fees for credit card use.

    For those of you that purchase fuel via credit cards, starting Sunday a new tax will be added to all purchases (thankyou Obama). Even with Credit card rebates the tax will be 1% more than most rebates. What will you do to offset this?? Maybe return to cash?? Curious to know. They are calling...
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    Thought this would help w/the weapons questions.

    I know this has been discussed throughout EO and thought this article in Land line would help. Navigating gun laws for truckers | Overdrive - Owner Operators Trucking Magazine
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    C/Vans and Ethanol/Good article

    We were discussing this on another thread that went away. Good information on what Ethanol does to gas and engines. This is an additive to help with wear and mileage. Star Tron Enzyme Fuel Treatment - HOME Also found out that Butane is now added to gas to help counter the effects of...
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    Interesting bio of O'bama from Harvard

    Send to me by a friend. This was taken from Obamas school bio. Promotional Booklet
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    Pop- ups

    Am I the only one getting pop-ups on EO??? Everytime I open a link through EO I get PoP up ads. Why?? I have the security set high and and Pop-up blocker on. :mad:
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    New Plant for Morgan body in SC

    Morgan bodys, builder of truck body's is opening a new plant in Charleston SC to retrofit Sprinters for Fed Ex, Ryder and others. Will be in operation in the fall. Composit bodys. Maybe something like the Turtletop or Cargo Max maybe. Thought this might interest the Sprinter folks. Doesn't...
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    Internet control

    I'm not sure if this is the place please move it if not. Did not get all the details but heard part of it through a news channel that O'bama signed over control of the Internet to Europe. If this is true please explain why or how or where I can go for more info. Thanks.
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    Sprinter Insulation

    Ran across this company and thought it would interest a few looking to insulate their Sprinter.
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    Diesel Sprinters in 2013

    Just read an article by the CEO. They are offering a Diesel engine and a new transmission in 2013 models. You probably already know this but thought I would throw it in. On the other hand it will probably cost $80k and parts will be twice as hard to find. That's just a punn from me. LOL!
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    New HOS rules delay

    Thought some would be interested to know that the decision on the new HOS rules are delayed until Nov. [URL="http://"/[/URL]
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    Manning the Border.

    I know a lot of people will weigh in on this but just have an idea and see what you think. They want to spend millions of dollars to build a fence on the border, what if. Each state has National Guard bases scattered over each state. Why not build one base for each state close to the...
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    3% back on Gas?

    Are there any C/Van operators using the Bank America Debit card, where you get 3% back on Gas purchases? If you are, is it any good?
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    Well here we go. What do you think is going to happen?? It's the fourth quarter, freight a little more than so so. Stocks selling off like crazy. GM opening and upgrading plants to build more cars. The feds are selling off bonds at zero percent causing the market to drop dramatically and...
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    Tires vs. load vs speed article

    Lot of people wanting to know about super singles, load capacity verses fuel mileage, speed verses fuel economy. Read this link this morning, lots of good info. Bridgestone Commercial Truck Tires
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    Higher Fuel/Slower Freight

    Well I have been going over the books for the last 5 yrs and its official. When the fuel prices hit $3.25 and up the freight gets slower and slower. Plastics are the first thing to slow. I guess that's due to the fact that plastics are tied directly to fuel and chemical costs. Funny thing is...
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    GM in Louisiana

    Just announced that GM is suspending production at it's Louisiana facility. They stated that most of their parts come from Japan and that plant was destroyed by the quake. What effect this will have on our Expedite community, don't know, but it can't be good. :eek: I guess on the other...
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    What about Metro???

    Everyone's talking about Bolt. What about this Metro Company?? I was looking over their paperwork and contracts and noticed that Bolt was a reference point. I thought that was unusual. I think most of the companies are trying to run independent contractors and not mess with leasing...