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    Good or no good

    Have a question about what fleet owners pay their drivers. I know a fleet owner who is paying his driver (sprinter van) 42% of the gross plus the fsc and the driver pays for the fuel. Now I know it’s always been 40/60 with the fuel paid and the fsc going to the 60% but he says the 40/60 split...
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    December 2019 Yo Ho Ho and A Bottle of Rum

    Currently at the Pilot in Orland, CA for the night since the pass is shut down on Mt. Shasta. Will try to get going up that way tomorrow afternoon.
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    November 2020 Is For Turkeys

    Edinburg Tx at the J. Hoping to get back on track today.
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    MB Dealers Buying Back 4 Cylinder Sprinters

    Talked with a buddy of mine that has a 4 cylinder MB Sprinter. Out of the blue he gets a call from the MB dealership near his house. The salesman asks him if he would be interested in trading in his 4 cyl. Sprinter for a 6 cyl. My buddy is going to inquire about this. He was also telling me...
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    Pilot at exit 51 I-285 S

    Have a pick up in the morning and saw a Pilot at exit 51 off of I-285 on south side of Atlanta. Was thinking of heading over there for the night because p/u is 3 mi away. What say you? Good, bad, safe, or unsafe. Just trying to make it easier dealing with the morning traffic.
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    Verizon Canadian Travel Pass

    FYI. Just crossed into Canada and my daily Travel Pass for Canadian coverage kicked in. Received message from Verizon and was told by daily Travel Pass was now $5/day and instead of the usual $2/day. Will have to look into their monthly Canadian plans for Canadian coverage. May have to...
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    May Flowers

    Welcome to May. If April showers bring May flowers. What do mayflowers bring? May everybody have a prosperous month. Good night now.
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    Emoji issues

    For some reason I cannot get the emoji that I use in a comment to show up when I post the comment. What is the correct procedure? Thx.
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    TA Troutville VA

    2 or 3 weeks ago was traveling up I-81 through VA and stopped at the Pilot at exit 151 to fuel up. When I pulled out of Pilot and looked over at the TA only to find piles of dirt. Does anyone know if they are going to rebuild there. No news on their website about it. Inquiring minds would...
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    October Locations And Other Chit Chat

    Welcome to October. Boy the weather sure has changed. On my way to Lewisburg Pa for an early morning drop.
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    Jan. - June 2015 Progress Report

    Just ran my numbers for the first 6 months of this year. I drive a 2012 Sprinter. My gross is $5500 more this year than last year at this time. 83.3 cpm for all miles. My deadhead is more than most because I have a small business that requires me to be home every so often to take care of...
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    Beware Buffalo Blizzard Coming This Afternoon

    Coming through Toronto this and was listening to a Buffalo radio station. The weather report came on and said Buffalo was going to get 1 to 2 feet of lake effect snow starting this afternoon and continuing through Wednesday afternoon along with 40 mph winds which will cause blizzard conditions...
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    Canada Canadian Holiday

    I have a load that delivers to Brampton for Tuesday morning. Is the holiday being observed today instead of tomorrow? I want to make sure I don't make a mistake and have to spend an extra day.
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    Mobil 1 Oil on sale

    For the month of June, NAPA auto parts stores are selling Mobil 1 Syn oil for $5.99 a quart plus tax. This even includes the oil for the Sprinters. The reason I know is I just bought 14 cases of the Mobil 1 Esp Formula M 5-40W at my local NAPA store. I've head the radio ad also and they say...