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  1. jeffcarl

    2018 Hino 155 Heater Core

    Well it has not been a good month for my Hino trucks. It must be ":censoredsign: happens" month here.. My 155 truck got a nice whack on the nose yesterday, coolant pouring out all over the place. I bypassed the heater core & topped off the coolant, no more leaking. So I need to replace the core. I am...
  2. jeffcarl

    2013 Hino 338: Oil Cooler & Filter Housing

    Radiator was leaking a bit, so I topped it off. Ran it up to temp & stopped to look for leaks, Found oil pouring from the radiator overflow. Dealer said it's the oil cooler and not an uncommon problem. I'm trying to get the filter housing/oil cooler off and it looks like the turbo has to come...
  3. jeffcarl

    2013 Hino 338 Injectors

    I purchased a set of Denso injectors from bigmachineparts dot com last week, $240 each, part #095000-6593. Sold to me as genuine Denso parts. They arrived in what appear to be Denso OEM packaging. They also have the red printed paper advising the necessity of registering each injector to the...
  4. jeffcarl

    2013 Hino 338 Injectors

    Hello fellow Hino drivers. My 338 needs injectors at 210,000 miles, the OEM replacements are really expensive. Has anyone found an aftermarket injector that's good? Thanks jeff
  5. jeffcarl

    J08E Injectors & DPF

    Anyone give me an idea on what the cost should be to do new injectors & the DPF? The test was done & I am given to understand that the injectors failed. The DPF may clean up but they won't know that until they get into it. Consequently I'm looking at a worst case scenario cost. Any input...