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    Oil By-Pass Filter and Oil Pressure gauge Installed on a 2007 Sprinter

    This has been a year in the making there was no taps on the side of my engine to take high pressure so the oil cap had to be drilled and tapped. I used a Amsoil swivel fitting (BP-89) on the top of the oil cap The problem was always having leaks under the base because of the high pressure and...
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    Great Sprinter Work Nashville Freightliner

    After being towed in on Saturday for a break down on I40 Fri night. That sounded like I lost the whole bottom of the Van 07 Sprinter 2500 (Solar Power Sprinter) found left hub and axle striped. Rather than replacing the whole rear end they were able to replace the axle. On test drive ABS...
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    by-pass oil filter on Sprinter 07

    Has any one but a by-pass oil filter on a 07 or up Sprinter? I just bought a Frantz system to put on mine looking at saving about 100.00 a month by not doing oil changes