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  1. butterfly610

    Paying your drivers

    It's always worked best for us when an owner had direct deposit. Comdata you have to get cash off the card, and you can't pay bills online. It's just not convenient unless the driver prefers using it.
  2. butterfly610

    Bolt sleeper

    They aren't really bad by most people's standards. I ended up getting a few pet items like a vacuum for pet hair and a little sticky thing like a roller but made for pet hair. Got the hair out really well after a few go overs. I guess the stain I thought I was seeing was more of the way the...
  3. butterfly610

    Bolt sleeper

    We are working for someone else. Worse case scenario, I will pay to replace them. It's for my own comfort.
  4. butterfly610

    Bolt sleeper

    Does anyone know if and how you could clean the covers on the bolt sleeper bench seats. Getting into a truck used by someone else, they had pets, and I have allergies. Looks stained some too.
  5. butterfly610

    Load Board, competition will be fierce

    Is the load board going to be available for WG/Tval trucks to take also? I know it's surface freight, but is the board for those trucks only?
  6. butterfly610

    Lake Michigan ferries

    We never took the ferry, but lived in Ludington for quite some time. Always loved hearing the boat horn every time it would pull in. We used to see a lot of the oversize loads with the wind turbines loading onto them.
  7. butterfly610


    Is WG/Tval freight for dr units slow right now? We have had two loads this week, two. We are in the south, but we've never had such a hard time getting out. Hardly get any tval offers lately. Seems like they're all surface runs. Not good rates either, so can't run surface all the time. Also...
  8. butterfly610

    Flat Rate for FedEx CC?

    We had a few good weeks, but it's still just not that busy for us. Getting where we're afraid to turn down a not so great load just because we aren't getting many offers and some money is better than none. Is there a reason Tval is so slow lately?
  9. butterfly610

    Flat Rate for FedEx CC?

    I think they would add extra for certain things, but that could be wrong. I know I wouldn't do every type of load for the same rate. Some are more of a hassle than others. Everyone has their likes and dislikes and their price to do those things.
  10. butterfly610

    Flat Rate for FedEx CC?

    It just seems weird that they guarantee expediter services certain miles and I know for a fact they hand pick their loads, their dispatch team picks them before they go out to regular trucks. They even told me this. So it's odd that all the good runs seem to cancel when freight volumes have been...
  11. butterfly610

    Flat Rate for FedEx CC?

    I do know when the deadhead is high, the rates aren't always adjusted. If we are close to loads, they typically have good rates. When we are higher it seems we have to bid them to normal. We just don't get counter offers that often lately. We got a bunch of surface load offers the other day that...
  12. butterfly610

    Flat Rate for FedEx CC?

    We do WG/Tval in a straight truck. DR Unit, and we have also noticed that we hardly get counter offers for some time now. Our loads have come out really low, with the exception of a really good one thrown in there sometimes. the other day we got offered a load at 2.43 a mile. Nothing too...
  13. butterfly610


    Is anyone else in tval/WG slow the past couple weeks? We were really busy in July, and went home for a few days. Came back out and the past two weeks have been soooo slow. Trying to learn the trends in tval, and just wondered if someone knows something I dont. Thanks
  14. butterfly610

    Direct Tv in the Truck?

    Direct tv, you can't get HD. Dish network is what we use and we added it to our home service for 7 bucks a month. Just bought a receiver for it at camping world.
  15. butterfly610

    Tragic News - Jason Williams Son

    Wow, that is really sad and horrible for anyone to ever go through.
  16. butterfly610

    Big Truck What speed is your truck governed too?

    75, but only drive about 65-67. Only use the speed to pass dangerous drivers or trucks who can't maintain speeds on hills. We prefer to drive in our own space if possible.
  17. butterfly610

    GPS What kind of Truck GPS do you use?

    The 7" Garmin. The newest truck model, and love it. We tried the rand McNally tablet, but we don't like it.
  18. butterfly610

    940,000 Miles and Counting

    Funny, we saw your old truck pass us on the opposite side of the interstate just this week!
  19. butterfly610

    fuel economy

    We get about 11.2 in our cascadia. We have a big sleeper, Liftgate, etc...
  20. butterfly610

    Ameriscan help

    Thanks, ended up getting it reset. It froze up.