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    trump here

    I would like to take a moment to express my deepest appreciation to Tom Robertson and his wonderful wife for everything they did for me on Jan 30,2005 and the following days. Tom and his wonderful wife came running to my aid as soon as they heard of my accident . no sooner had I arrived at the...
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    An extra step

    Whenever your tempted to give a little less to a task than necessary, do yourself a favor and give a little more than necessary.If you're going to miss the mark, overshoot it rather than undershooting it.Go a little beyond instead of falling a little short. Take the extra step.Make one more...
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    future expediter

    turn your volume up a little
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    woman can think

    A couple goes on vacation to a fishing resort in northern Minnesota. The husband likes to fish at the crack of dawn - the wife likes to read. One morning the husband returns after several hours of fishing and decides to take a nap. Although not familiar with the lake, the wife decides to take...
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    would like to share this with all of you
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    Just want to say thanks

    To all of the posters on here. you have all been a great help to me over the last year I don't post a lot and don't reply to some posts because I dont have the expertise that some of you here have,but I do log in every day to see what's new that I can learn from.Over the months I have tried to...
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    e-mail address

    i see an e-mail address for me in my profile that is differant then my e-mail address. How does this affect me ?
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    The last 6 months

    I decided to get into expediting 6 months ago and went to work for a trucking company driving a van. I am basically doing expediting work going to the big three and several other company's every day around Detroit. I have come to find out that I really enjoy this work and Wed I sat down and...
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    Items along the road

    How often do you see valuables in the road? two weeks ago I was on 75 North and seen a backpack on the right shoulder. and friday night I found a briefcase in the road as I was exiting a plant in Ohio. I was able to turn the briefcase into the plant security but could not stop for the backpack...
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    straight truck question

    I am driving a van for a company located in the detroit area and they want me to upgrade to a straight truck. What worries me is how I am getting paid. I have never been paid by the load and dont know what to look for . also what about multi loads. I load trucks there after I am done with my...
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    Thank You E O

    I just want to say thanks for the expo. I attended on the second day and have had several calls this week with some very impressive offers of employment. So I may be changing employers in the near future.
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    I'm learning

    Will the experience I am getting working for a trucking company making pickups and deliveries relate to expediting. paper work similar, etc. I also go to some of the big three auto plants in the Detroit area, and deliver in Ohio Ind and IL. My co filed for my canada customs clearance and I am...
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    Canadian clearance

    how does the Canadian clearance work? and do you have to reapply if you change companies?
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    Van Requirements

    If you pick up a load weather it is on a pallet or not does it have to be secured if you are using a van .
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    new hire question

    I have been offered a position driving a van and/or streight truck under my chauffers license for a trucking company. they are offering me $9.50 p/h to start with overtime beginning after 45 hours. My question is this under federal law shouldnt overtime be after 40 hrs. I would like to work...
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    driving for an owner $$$ question.

    How much money should a new driver have in reserve to start out when driving for an owner.How long should he be expected to cover his expenses starting out before a check. This is something I have not seen discussed. Also when can a new driver expect to see his first check. Do they get paid...
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    What are my odds

    of getting hired as a driver. I am 56 years old no tickets or accidents in the past 5 years. I will be getting my cdl-b with hazmat and air brake next month. I have three years exp driving a flat bed tow truck covering half of mi-oh-and ont as far as toronto. I would like to drive a van for an...
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    D OT Physical

    I am working on getting my cdl-b license, and when I called the clinic here in Trenton,MI They asked me if I needed a drug screen also. What's the best way to go? Should I wait on the drug screen in hopes the company will give me one or do it on my own. Thank for any help you can give me...