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    Anyone hooked on with Barrett? Wondering how they are doing as with miles.
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    Has anyone heard of a company name NuHot Transp. out of Alabama?
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    Need some be able to go on with a broker do u need ur own authority? If so how much does that usually cost? what all does it entail? Am in a Sprinter and am looking into ... 1-moving companies 2-getting involved with brokers Any help wld be appreciated:cool:
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    Looking for company

    Am looking for a company to put a Sprinter Van on with. I know this time of year the miles a LOW but really need a good company that will run you. I have 6 yrs exp in a Sprinter. Any help wld be appreciated.
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    Looking for Company

    Am looking for a company to put a Sprinter Van on with. Its a 2014 van. Need miles to run. Any help wld be appreciated.
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    Looking for Company

    Does anyone know of a good company to put a Sprinter in with? One that has plenty of miles to keep ya rolling and offers decent pay.
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    Nations Exp

    Am trying to get some info on Nations Express any help would be appreciated.
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    Nations Exp

    Can anyone give me any good feedback about Nations Exp.
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    Occupatioal Accident Ins "Workmans Comp"

    I have a few questions ----Where can a drvr get this INS? ----Is it mandatory by DOT rules we have it or it up to company? ----I also have ?s but dont want to broadcast them on here PLZ EMAIL ME @ [email protected]
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    Hello... I have not been on here for a while and wanted to say hi first..Then I have a question. I am looking for a local job for my husband.Where should I go to look for one on here for him? Right now he is driving a Sprinter Van and wants to keep on driving one if we can find him...