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  1. beachbum

    I doubt if this would ever happen, but, it is

    In 30 years more then likely I’ll be dead and gone. Also in the next ten years diesel might not be around for trucks anyway. Change for some is hard to take, but for most of us, we’ll not be around anyway
  2. beachbum

    No Love at Loves Travel

    Sorry, just because you buy something at a loves or anywhere else. It gives you no rights to park overnight. Just alike any other company, they can tell you to leave. Also if you look all around loves it say customers only and 2 hours max.
  3. beachbum

    It’s Fibuary !!!

    And she says, honey sleep on the sofa
  4. beachbum

    A step in the right direction

    Companies don’t go after detention time in most cases for fear of losing the customer.
  5. beachbum

    Drivers Beaten By Security Guards.......

    Another thing, the driver posted the video and if you look at the videos, at least the ones I’ve seen they are edited. The driver posted them on social media, what isn’t shown is his wife leaving the guard shack and attacking the guards who were trying to subdue her husband. Therefore, the...
  6. beachbum

    Drivers Beaten By Security Guards.......

    You do know the driver and his wife were arrested, his court date has been moved to January
  7. beachbum

    2014 International 4300 Box truck

    If can handle the riggers of local stop and go freight, it should be able to handle freeway driving. Also isn’t it true that local trucks age faster then OTR trucks.
  8. beachbum


    Isn’t GM owned by the union
  9. beachbum

    Xpo or Landstar

    There’s other things to take into consideration when chosing a company. Do they allow you to take time off when you want or even work when you want. FSC is another, do they allow you to go where you want or do they force you to take loads. One thing about Landstar comes down to the fact we have...
  10. beachbum

    Xpo or Landstar

    Agree 100 percent, I’m in a sprinter and most of my loads this year have been loads posted for straight trucks. Those have been from Ranger and Inway. Looks like we’re down to 40 or so cargo vans.
  11. beachbum

    Retirement can't come soon enough....

    May I ask, why retirement isn’t that great?
  12. beachbum

    when you are retiring

    It depends on what you lose, if you’re getting the max at 66 and if you take it early and you lose 1k a month, maybe it’s best if you wait. It’s all in the numbers. For me it was only about 3 hundred a month because of write offs from business.
  13. beachbum

    when you are retiring

    You might need to read it , since your girlfriend is getting bad advise from the accountant
  14. beachbum

    when you are retiring

    Hers another from the SSA
  15. beachbum

    when you are retiring

    Please read this it as for 2018 and pay attention to the third paragraph, where it say after making full retirement age you can make as much as you want.. What happens if I work and get Social Security retirement benefits?
  16. beachbum

    when you are retiring

    If there was that big of change, AARP would have been posting that change, they haven’t that I’ve seen. Neither has any other group, that I’ve seen. Heck the SSA hasn’t even put that on their website. Also all groups representing older people would have been up in arms before the bill would...
  17. beachbum

    when you are retiring

    I now work part time, since I took early social security at 63. Now after expenses I can make 17,040 before they take1 for evey 2 I make over the 17,040. Now if I still doing this after I turn 66 then I can make as much as I like.
  18. beachbum

    Looking to buy a new van. Transit or Promaster

    Wait till the end of the year and you’ll have a choice that includes sprinter gas model
  19. beachbum

    what are the average per mile rates for LandStar Express America?

    I got a message, I just seen, from Wednesday that said he got thru orientation and was getting ready to pull his first load.