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  1. Murraycroexp

    Janu-brrrrrrr-ary CREbrrrrrrrrr

    slowly cranking back up this week. First load of 2018 and get this back on my bid response. 'I would rather run with you guys and pay a little more' Another "proud papa moment"!!!
  2. Murraycroexp

    Ho Ho Ho!!! Crossroads team!!

    Good morning!!!
  3. Murraycroexp

    October, Crossroads & Pumpkin Spice?

    Welcome CRE crew!!!!
  4. Murraycroexp

    September & Team CRE!!

    Good September morning, gang!!! Coffee's ready!!
  5. Murraycroexp

    Birthday! Happy Birthday PubBoyWis!!

    Happy Birthday Tim!!!
  6. Murraycroexp

    April @ Crossroads Express!!

    Good APRIL morning team!!!! Double caffeine IV drip is going strong!!! Drip, drip, drip..................
  7. Murraycroexp

    Welcome Dispatcher XXXXXXXXXX!!!!!

    Ok, we can't go public with his name, but he's a lock. He's no newbie. We're looking forward to his starting after the first of the year. Woot!!! And yes, that means we're going to add to the fleet some ASAP. :)!!!
  8. Murraycroexp

    Farewell, NorthernBill & Carolee

    Team Crossroads Express is a little lighter, today. We have lost NorthernBill (& wife Carolee) to "greener pastures". We wish them the best of luck and safe travels in their endeavors. Thanks for all the hard work, guys!
  9. Murraycroexp

    Article on LinkedIn by Tom Robertson, President at A. Blair Enterprises, Inc

    This article is my personal opinion, based upon my experiences with Mercedes Benz Sprinter vans. Please understand that these vehicles are used in a commercial trucking application with annual average mileages exceeding 100,000 miles, and that I am not an automotive or diesel expert. The...
  10. Murraycroexp

    Welcome OVM!!!

    Everyone please welcome our newest and 10th owner operator to the Crossroads Express TEAM!!! Ken Amor #1011 joins us from a great carrier that we respect very much. We are honored to have him and tickled that he is on his first load! Welcome aboard Ken!!
  11. Murraycroexp

    The New Norm?!

    Well, we finally had a broker come out and say it. “We pay every 54 days now. Payment will be released around the 20th of this month.” And it's a big broker too. Lots of loads. Lots of carriers running their loads. Lots of money being slowed down.
  12. Murraycroexp

    Good Eats Good to great BBQ

    Can we get a sticky thread going with BBQ experiences posted? When traveling, I love me some BBQ. But not just "ok" BBQ. I've stopped too many times in KC & Memphis and been somewhat disappointed. I need a list at my fingertips of places, dives or palaces, with outstanding BBQ. City, state...
  13. Murraycroexp

    I-71 North Shut Down

    Just north of Louisville. Closest to Crestwood, KY 40014. Rescue just now arriving. Both lanes blocked.
  14. Murraycroexp

    Over-Unity Generators

    Has anyone done any in depth research on this? I just scratched the surface and find it fascinating. I will be researching more, in hopes of finding out how feasible it is to build one. Although I imagine Turtle has probably built 3 and has a power bill of -$138 per month, selling power back...
  15. Murraycroexp

    Channel 19

    FEBLO. What a cluster. That is all.
  16. Murraycroexp

    Cincinnati Pothole Warning

    I-75 NB about marker 4-5. Stay out of the center lane!! There are two deep and long potholes that will knock your hubcaps off and your alignment out if whack!!
  17. Murraycroexp

    Peace Bridge Closed to US-Bound Traffic;

    Peace Bridge Closed to US-Bound Traffic; Trucks Turned Around (Jan. 7, 2014) -- The Peace Bridge at Fort Erie-Buffalo is closed tonight to all southbound commercial truck traffic which is not headed into the city of Buffalo. OTA has confirmed with bridge authorities that due to extreme weather...
  18. Murraycroexp

    P0300. Ding dong the witch is dead!!! Maybe?

    Some of you know that I've been chasing a random misfire (P0300) for several months now. I'm pleased to say I THINK it's been resolved. And in the most obscure place. Skip to the bottom if you only want the "punch line". Items checked and/or replaced. I have a code scanner to help identify...
  19. Murraycroexp

    New windshield costs. How much was yours?

    Just had one installed in 45 mins. Chevy Express $195. Woohoo!! Sprinters? Straights? Semis?
  20. Murraycroexp

    iOS 7, the battery KILLER!!!!

    Here are some great tips to hopefully conserve iphone batteries.