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    Solor power set up for trucks and vans

    I have a cousin who has designed a solar powered system. He had a lock smith shop on wheels and power and kept charged all his equipment. was wondering if any one in was interesting in system. Send me a pm and I will put you in contract with him. also uses system in van he has set up for...
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    Numbers are in for 2021, and couple of new item

    In 2021 drove 5,500 miles. Stopped at red lights , stop signs, left turns , 800 min's New items 43 day's didn't drive in 2021 Swam 104 miles Walked 728 miles
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    Gas and Diesel prices

    Here in Hampton Roads gas is running over $3.00 a gal, Diesel is running over $3.24 a gal
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    I Have retired from doing commercial sales

    I have retired from doing commercial sales at Tysinger in Hampton , VA . Dealership was sold . So I have retired for 4th time. Now only working on cleaning out the garage.
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    time at red lights and stop sign , left turns

    not driving for 12 weeks do to virus . only been stop at red lights , stop signs and left turns so far this year about 2,500 mins. not many miles this year. Dec 31, 2020, retiring for the 3rd time.
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    Looking for someone with Sprinter Van Richmond VA

    have a friend who is looking for some one with a sprinter van in Richmond, VA to take local runs in are, pm me with phone number, and will call you with more details.
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    time at red lights stop signs left turns

    with slow downs going on , so far this year at 600 mins , stop at red lights, stop signs , left turns, semi retired driving for tysinger in Hampton VA.. Last years time stop at red lights , stop signs , was about 3,600 mins
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    news member of Geo's Expediters Hall of Fame

    News member of Geo's Expediters Hall of Fame Virginia C Addilott Pres of FedexCC One of the Leaders in Expediting Industry One of the Back Bones in Expediting
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    time , I still keep track of time , now semi retired

    2019 drove 12,000 miles stopped at red lights, stop signs, left turns was 3,000 mins in 12 month add new item keep track of walking and swimming 2019 walked 728 miles about 14 miles a week swimming 182 miles, about 3.50 miles a week love keeping track of numbers
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    mins stopped

    this year driving for tysinger have drove only 10,000 miles this year. love driving 6 hour a day about 15 days or so. being semiretired is great. still doing sprinters ,sales have some great prices on 2019 so far this year have been stop at red lights, stop signs and left turns about 1,800...
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    20 years on EO

    can't believe I have been on here 20 years. L McCord, you started out small now on top of world. Thank you for letting me be part of this and help you out. you have down a great job
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    2019 sprinters

    2019 Sprinters we have some great prices , at Tysinger in Hampton , VA. If interested send pm , give you more info
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    I love numbers, have some new ones

    year to date not driving as much so far this year. driven 6500 this year, 1,400 min's at red lights, stop signs and left turns. new numbers so far this year have swam 49 miles. average about a quarter mile every day. that works out to 1.75 miles a week walked for work and pleasure 392 miles...
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    idling your truck

    if you have a new truck one thing to check out, in warranty is how will idling your truck effect your warranty. under miles and hours of warranty. found this out in one of news letters I get.
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    new memeber of Geo EO Hall of Fame

    The newest member of Geo EO Hall Fame is Moot, is for time he gives to help other out. Plus sharing his knowledge of Industry
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    working at driving again

    I'm working again driving parts van for Tysinger, in Hampton VA friend need some help , said I could help out some. hours are what I feel like doing. they were always great taking care of my van . so couldn't really say no. they are great people to work for.
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    after storm in hampton roads

    be extra careful on side streets, still have a lot of trees and wires down red lights are out in many area's so be extra carful in Newport news, va still with out power on genset
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    Nov 6th is coming up fast, for voting, remember if you don't vote you can't complain be sure you are home. vote early or absent t, but vote your vote matters
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    time and being semiretired

    looked at books so far from January to June. have filled up car 12 time so far this year, about 2 times a months time at red lights , stop signs left turns is around 600 mins for year so far life has slow down instead of 2 to 3 times a week, and 800 to 1,500 a miles a week. now maybe about 100...
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    when buying a new or used unit going to expedite expo is a must

    when buying a knew or used unit, something you should do before buying go to truck shows to see what is out there have a list of things you want on the next unit read all trucking magazine's you can get hands on, there are a lot of free ones out there there are a lot of them on line or in...