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    Nobody is talking about this truck shutdown?

    If I was still running I would shut down. IF everyone shut down could bring down price of fuel.
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    Solor power set up for trucks and vans

    I have a cousin who has designed a solar powered system. He had a lock smith shop on wheels and power and kept charged all his equipment. was wondering if any one in was interesting in system. Send me a pm and I will put you in contract with him. also uses system in van he has set up for...
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    Freight availability and rates

    Say no to cheap freight, I have been retired from 6 years. In December retired for 4th time. If you have to bid on a load start high and stop at what you want it at.
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    Box Truck Load Boards

    Should check out CEVA , there in Atlanta , by air port
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    Better paying loads

    I guess I was lucky . I have been retired now 6 years. When I drove for the company I drove for I was getting $1.75 a mile. With all Accessories we receive .
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    Cargo Van Need Advice! Given a Opportunity I believe.

    2013 , Sprint is 9 years old. Before I would buy that, you need to look at maintenances records, check out the brake pedals are there any ware on pedals. Check for rust under frame , , doors etc. check brakes, also check for oil leaks and transmission leaks to. I would go to a dealer and...
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    Cargo Van Need Advice! Given a Opportunity I believe.

    I would go to a dealer and lease a van, get unlimited miles you can lease a van, send me a pm and I tell you about leasing. I was owner operator for 25 years. I did outside commercial sales at Tysinger
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    Sprinter cargo van load board

    I was with CEVA 14 years, They treated me great.
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    Sprinter cargo van load board

    What city or state are you out of CEVA uses independents
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    Numbers are in for 2021, and couple of new item

    In 2021 drove 5,500 miles. Stopped at red lights , stop signs, left turns , 800 min's New items 43 day's didn't drive in 2021 Swam 104 miles Walked 728 miles
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    Winter survival suggestions, tips?

    Keep something to eat in truck, pop tarts , MRE's
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    Cargo Van Looking for box truck job in florid

    Also check out CEVA , they run from Sprinter van to 18 wheel's. They have local, dedicated, line haul, local deliver to. Go on line and see if there is place by you. Most of time the are close to airport
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    Best straight truck dealers

    TSI in North Jackson is a great place. They are a Western Star dealer
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    Any tips for buying first used truck?

    Biggest thing I would look at is maintenance records, if they don't have records walk away from that unit. Have you looked at leasing a unit from, dealer, you can get in for less money and get a newer truck.
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    Cargo Van Looking for box truck job in florid

    Check out Frayt, as long as your unit is under 10 years old. Biggest unit they use is a sprinter van
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    Box Truck Load Boards

    Check out CEVA , fill out application to get on there list. If you go to web page and check them out.
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    Addiction to the road

    Are you a Vet by chance, if you go VA they will be able to help. Have you applied for SS Disable .
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    Addiction to the road

    When I drove over the road, I had things to do, I sold Mary Kay products, Mason Shoes, new and used trucks team up with Dan Shultz, Sold Pro Heat gen sets also a field rep. Sold lap tops and PC's. Some other people I knew were song writers, sold there songs to people, one person wrote...
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    Where do you guys see that there is truck parking needed? (states/areas)

    Newport News , VA could use a truck stop. Don't know where you would put one. We have Big Charlies , in Virginia Beach, VA. Chesapeake , VA has one where 58,460, 664 meet. There are couple small ones on 58 in Suffolk, VA
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    Gas and Diesel prices

    Here in Hampton Roads gas is running over $3.00 a gal, Diesel is running over $3.24 a gal