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    DTH Expeditors, Inc.

    Anyone have any experience working for/with DTH Expeditors, Inc, as a Sprinter O/O? (I believe they're out of Forest Park, GA area.)
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    Application timeline

    Hello, I've made application as an O/O to two well known expedite companies. How long should I expect to hear from either? Is there an average wait time, or too many variables?
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    Credit card for O/O

    Is there a most commonly used Credit card among "Sprinter" O/O's for business expenses, or just use what you got?
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    2021 MB Sprinter 2.0 gas or diesel

    Hello, anyone out there driving a 2020/2021 Sprinter 2.0 liter gas or diesel powered 170" high roof? Is so, what has your experience been with the vehicle, and specifically any issues with the powerplant?
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    Sage advice requested

    True newbie here, but have been considering Expediting for a while and reading behind the scenes. I'm a little older than most, but love to drive and about to retire from a very stressful 40 yr career and looking to be in business for myself. However, I also want to determine how much I want to...